Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

I learned something new yesterday, to wit: hot chocolate made using soy milk and stevia a) smells like cereal and b) is undrinkable.

Which brings us to:
Hotta Chocolatta - the DeJohn Sisters

I discovered this catchy song when I bought my house.  The house was in the same family since the early 1930s, and the last family member who lived here had checked out, and the brother who inherited the place just wanted to be rid of it.  

So I got it cheap, with EVERYTHING in it left behind: clothes, furniture, housewares, a piano,... even the food in the refrigerator.

And records.  Lots and lots of 45s from the 1950s.  Hotta Chocolatta was one of the records, and I could play it on my Crosley piece of Xx%!!xx.

Not to be ugly, but Crosley turntables, and their turntables that you can make MP3s on, etc. etc. etc. are not worth even half of what they cost.  I know because I had one, and then when that died (way sooner than it should have) I bought another, which lived to 2.5 years, even though barely used.  If I had wised up the first time, I'd have saved myself a few hundred dollars.  

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