Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Back in the day, this song was all over the radio.  But now, it's rare to hear it even on the oldies stations.

Nevertheless, with the current popularity of barn weddings, this would be the perfect barn wedding song...
'A Daisy a Day' - Jud Strunk

Now that you're found the perfect song, we also have for you the perfect barn wedding dress: 
UPDATE: We don't have it no more.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

vintage costume jewelry-aPALOOZA

I'm downsizing and rid of getting, and out going is some GREAT vintage costume jewelry.

Including, but not limited to:

An Avon apple for the teacher 

extra-glam bracelet 

desperately happy JJ cat 

turtles times two 

the biggest, curliest, adorablest wild cat brooch 

gold-filled flowers 

'nother JJ kitty brooch 

dandy daisy lucite 

orange you impressed with this? 

crystal everything (choker, bracelet, brooch, two pairs of earrings) for the vintage bride

fish-tastic AND new (old) in the box

yummy 1930s Italian art glass beaded necklace

an equally yummy glass beaded necklace, a bit older, and longer than you could possibly have dreamed.  i.e. 42 inches of exquisitely blue beauty.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

furniture find

This is exciting.

Allow me to set up the clip.


I'm at

taking care of 

with another PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Something Something) volunteer.  

Now and then, when I leave, I'll feel a 
from the Almighty, telling me to stop at the Salvation Army store nearby.

EVERY time I get this tap, I find something awesome there.

But this time, I was frustrated, since I couldn't find anything I wanted, or could make $$$ on, until I went into the back and saw...

I have been looking and looking and looking for something for my hubs to put his clothes in.  Literally, since he's moved in, everything that doesn't go on a hanger, has instead gone into a pile.  And when I get the idea to straighten up, it's merely moving piles into other piles.

The armoire was priced at $99.99, and I thought, 'Wow, hopefully, it'll be here next week, when I have more disposable whatsis.'

But when Tuesday came around, and with it the idea to deal with the clothing mess yet again, I just broke down and went to buy it.  

And when I went back into the furniture room, the pricetag had been changed from $99.99 down to $74.99.

That's God assuring me that this was meant to be.

The IDENTICAL Drexel circa 1968 armoire is currently on eBay, (that's where the above pic of it came from) priced at over $1,100.


The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter VII

Letter VII
A Negative, On the Grounds of Dislike
(If hoping for another reply related Letter I, you are not to be  disappointed.) 

Hudson, April 15, 18--,

Sir: -- I confess that your letter much surprised me.  Your conduct in a recent matter, in which my poor mother's interests were so intimately concerned, ought to have taught you that, whatever you may be in your own opinion, you will never possess any sympathy on the part of

                                                     (the name would go here)
To...., Esq.

Laurel and Hardy for Halloween


What do I mean 'Laurel and Hardy for Halloween' ?

Just this:

You can be Laurel AND Hardy for Halloween

Or, if you want to mix it up a little, 
you can be Hardy and Laurel.

Note that they look more authentic on a live person's head than they do on my hat lady's head.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

You'll be humming this ALL DAY.

'The Hut Sut Song' - The King's Men


Look out for leopards!

BECOME the Leopard Woman!

Motivation Is Sweeping the Nation

Well, at least my corner thereof.

It's in skirt form.
My all-time favorite skirt.

See. back in the 1990s, I wore lots and lots and lots of vintage, which I'd find on my travels*.  But over time, I'd get bored wearing this dress, or I needed money so I'd sell that suit.  But this skirt wasn't going ANYWHERE.  

Now, however, I'm sorta kinda a house, and even though I kept hoping that someday I could get back into this divine skirt, I concluded that it had to be sold. 

Then I figured if I mediated on a picture of it once a day, I could successfully say no to the Fritos, and the cookies, and the pizza, and the live-changingly delicious Halo Farm ice cream, and yes, even my husband's utterly divine cooking, and focus more on those raw vegetables, which I actually do like to mangia on.  

I'll let you know what transpires.

*Me no buy at vintage clothing stores.  That's beneath me.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Lady's Letter Writer: Letter VI

Letter VI
A Negative on the Grounds of a Pre-Engagement
(yep, we're still doing versions of Letter I:  'A young Lady, in Answer to the Proposal of a Gentleman who had met her the previous Evening')

Chicago, January 15, 18--


While confessing myself honored by the preference avowed for me by one whom I have every reason to respect as a gentleman, I feel that it would be dishonorable in me to keep you in any suspense, where the answer must be unfavorable.

For some time past, I have been engaged to a gentleman, from whom I have every reason to expect happiness and comfort.  I must, therefore, hope that you will henceforth regard me only in the light of a friend; and, with the sincere wish that such a partner as you deserve may speedily fall to your lot, 

                                                     Believe me,

                                                              Your sincere well-wisher,

To....., Esq.

Glamour Kitties

If the Glamour Kitty Contest* were still being held, at least one of these would win:
Ivy Spivington aka Iveleh aka Ivy Spives

Tippy Lu aka Lady Tippington aka Tipulah  pronounced 'Tipyoolah.' Thank you.

Starlin aka Star Baby (also Star Bayuhbee) aka Starrrralin

The other two furmily members were either busy -- Lester was bathing - or didn't come out very photogenically - Shlamoo spents all day parked on the piano or the top of my desk, and there the light is not great.

*The Glamour Kitty Contest was something run by Kitty Pan Cat Litter (although I do recall a line of cat litter called 'Glamour Kitty.').  Cats would be costumed for the event, with one cat from each state.  One of the stars of the contest was a Philadelphia area cat named Rotten Ralph, who arrived in a Flyers uniform.  This was back in the Broad Street Bullies days, and Ralph was a feline version of Bob Kelly/Dave Schultz, biting and scratching all who were associated with the contest.  This charmlessness made him a star, and he was brought back to the contest for several years.  

He often made the local paper, and even people who had zero interest in cats had heard of Rotten Ralph.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

I BLAST this when I'm driving, and if it were at all possible, I'd get out and dance on the hood.

'Volare' - the Gipsy Kings

Monday, September 15, 2014

sad, valuable photo

From a Delaware County, PA estate...

A circa 1905 snapshot of a boy dressed like Buster Brown and his barefoot sister, who apparently has Down's syndrome.  A very VERY rare photo of a Down's syndrome child.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


While we're discussing scraps, let's enjoy this divine item:
The scrap here is the backing, which is kinda worn at the edges.

Made using an old Advance pattern.

Like it?

Buy it!  

scraps 'n samples

This is some kinda rare find.

It's a collection of novelty print samples, each labeled with the name of the print.
All sewn together.

This one's entitled 'Mobby Dick.'  
Yes, 'Mobby,' not Moby.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a bolt of it.

Mid-Century Modern fiberglass drape-age

Back in the day, everybody had fiberglass hanging in front of their windows.
Except at my house. 

We had plastic shades and metal blinds.