Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Something seasonal...
'Tis Autumn' - Nat King Cole Trio

Monday, September 25, 2017

calling all Welshmen

and also Welsh women.

We got something bo mind-bogglingly awesome for your next appearance at the National Eisteddfod.  

Or your the next time you want to pop down to CK's for bread and milk,

Or for wearing while watching Strictly Come Dancing

OR for your whole choir !!  (Yes, that would be epic.)

What is this bo awesome must have thing?


the shirt shows 'The Man of Wales' by N.C. Wyeth on the front

And the lyrics from the song 'The Man of Wales' on the back.
Note that the images are much sharper on the shirt than what you see here.

Both from an old children's music book.

Here's the lyrics:

 ‘When a Welsh man stamps, when a Welsh man tramps, there’s a sound of pebbles falling down the rocky ramps. 

When a Welsh man hoots, when a Welsh man toots, all the rabbits run to cover in the stones and roots. Oh, a rugged land is the land of Wales from heights of Snowdon to the Dovey vales. 

When a Welsh man stamps, when a Welsh man tramps, there’s a rattle and a clatter in the mountain camps.

 When a Welsh man scowls, when a Welsh man growls, all the eagles gather screaming, and the red fox prowls. 

When a Welsh man fights, when a Welsh man smites, there’s a rumble and a clangor like the squall of kites. Oh, a doughty man is the man of Wales, at his fierce demeanor every foe-man quails. 

When a Welsh man scowls, when a Welsh man growls, there’s a panic in the kitchen, and the hound dog howls. 

Get it here:  https://www.zazzle.com/the_man_of_wales_t_shirt-235986947332106602?rf=238225004668148127Z

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

For some reason I thought this song came out way before 1978.

1978s was VERY disco-intensive, and this joint is classic R&B.

'Back in Love Again' - L.T.D.

I wanna ...

or rather, 'I want..."

1920s sheet music print
on everything from t-shirts to pillows to clocks to throw blankets to bags and TONS more.
watermark only to keep my audience from the threat of flying monkeys

See more, get more here:


A sentiment we can all support

To wit...

Zombie Lives Matter
Considering of course that they're actually mostly dead, their lives really do matter.

You can share this sentiment with t-shirts, buttons, and bumperstickers.

Get one, get all here:


It's a wrap

Any minute now the gift-giving season will be upon us.

Will YOU be ready?

If you think not, my store can help.

Hereza what we gotsa:

Halloween not really considered a gift-giving event, but why shouldn't it be?? 

Moving on to Christmas...

and also
Now for New Year's we got:
Don't I hand-color good?

Now for other all-year-round events, there's...

something PERFECT for the surprise party

and something SUPER MEGA PERFECT for Ma's and Pa's Golden Anniversary
The bottle of hooch on the tray is Golden Wedding Whiskey

Next, peeps be having babies like ALL THE TIME, therefore...
Don't I hand-color really good?

A whole passel of babies doing their thing.

babies hanging with pit bulls aka 'nanny dogs.'

Lastly - for now - we got something divinely opulent, and perfect for those big fat expensive presents:

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

This song has been in my head for... well, longer than I'd like to say.

'One Paddle, Two Paddle' - Don Ho

tickets, please

I thought it was actually a body double.

latest Made in USA print yardage

Made in USA print fabrics de jour:

Today's are kinda bovine-intense, from a 19th century book I have on raising farm animals and poultry and that.

Holstein bull and cow 
Holstein bull
Holstein heifer
bovine-related, but not bovine:
Who in their right mind doesn't like ice cream?
Or ice cream cone prints ??
Next up two prints that have absolutely nothing to do with cattle:

such as our happy policeman


a circa 1932 ad for New York's Hollywood Cabaret and Restaurant
found in an early 1930s Broadwy play bill.

All of the above available in three kinds of cotton, two kinds of polyester, and two kinds of linen.

All of the above are Made in USA.

All of the above are rare and awesome and epic.

All of the above can be had here:

latest ashtray

For those of you following my vintage advertising ashtray collection, (which I admit I haven't posted about in ages), dig this:

And I thought an ashtray from a funeral parlor was nuts.

Our Lady of Ransom was a church in NE Philly that closed in 2016.  The school closed in 2012.

The ashtray remains.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

And now for something completely different

i.e. amma show you some items from Shower Power, my store for shower curtains, bath mats, and that.

Watermark only on 'em to protect YOU from flying monkeys.  But you already know that.  

for cold showers
 That circled plus sign in the corner is what you get when you (me) take a screen shot.  Note that it not appear on any actual items.

Isn't this fantastically gorgeous shower curtain ???
Yes.  Yes it is.
blue ageratum 
 Or just plain 'blue flowers.'  Either is correct.

They're not just marigolds, they're African marigolds.  

Another view:

And another super super epic epic gorgeous shower curtain !

Here's the matching bath mat:

 See more, get more here:


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

pillow talk

Throw pillows for every decor, made in USA !!

San Jose, CA to be specific.

So here's what we have for you today:

Native American symbol (maybe?) 

Super cool nevertheless, and just the thing for the Native American/rustic decor/eclectic decor.  BTW, don't I hand-color good?

WWII Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeves to do battle.
He'd look faaaabulous in a retro/patriotic/eclectic/man cave decor.
Deco dolls
Something cool for the deco/eclectic/neato decor.
Don't I hand-color good?
19th century print of a Berkshire sow.
Perfect for the country/rustic/pig-intensive or antiquey decor.
A beautiful lovely totem pole.
Perfect for the colorful decor, eclectic decor, Native American decor or totem pole-intensive decor
skinny in size
FAT in appeal.
For the retro, eclectic, or garden decor.

See more, get more here:

There are over 400 (or, if you prefer, four hundred) different pillows in my store.

got a brand-new bag

Or bags.  Plural.

Each and every one made in the USA.

First we got...

Cotswold sheep
A bag with one of the many many many Victorian farm animal prints I have, from a 19th century book in my possession on animal husbandry.
Next we got...
Is this not stunningly beautiful?
Yes, yes it is.
And next...
something divinely mid-Victorian

Isn't this a marvel??

Keywords for your interest and edification: US-made handbag, American made handbag, American made bag, US made bag

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Tickets please

I don't remember this movie no how.

That's one hour and 48 minutes, plus probably 15 minutes of trailers, I'll never get back.

The Guitar Case

Not a Perry Mason investigation,

but a new new NEW addition to my store !!!

*As ever and always, watermarks are only there to protect against flying monkeys.  They're not on the actual cases.

Heeeere we go:

The Sunglass Trio
 Performing their hit, 'Chillin' on the Roof.'
Questionable coiffeur
unquestionably cool
so cool, it's cold !!
War, huh, good gawd y'all
 Odin, Norse God of War, is in the house.
It's good to bee bad.
Who doesn't love pretty flowers?
 answer: Nobody.
for the manic pixie dream girl

See more, get more here: