Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Happy First Day of Spring !

Today's TSOTW is the song that back in the day meant Spring for me.

from History's Greatest Rock Band
'Above the Clouds' - ELO

Friday, March 16, 2018

C is for

circus !!

And we have what is literally History's Cutest Circus-Related Image, on all kinds of must-have must-haves.

Including, but far from limited to...
pillows !!

 throw blankets !!
 Scarves !!
 Cleverly designed, so that as long as the solid red part is behind your neck, no matter how you tie the scarf, the image will be right-side up.

bags !

gift bags AND gift wrap !!
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Friday, March 9, 2018

B is for

beach !

Or, more specificially, beach house.

My Zazzle store has oodles of must-have must-haves for your beach house, should you be blessed enough to have one.

Here's a look see:
mugs !

throw pillows !
 clocks !
 throw blankets !

even more throw pillows ! 
 and even more clocks !!

towel sets !!

and more towel sets !!

coasters !!
 don't I hand-color good?

lamps !!

even more clocks !!

and MORE pillows !!

And wayyyyy more of all of the above, plus stuff I dinna show you (because I have to leave in ten minutes to p/u my tax returns). 

Note that a) the watermarks seen on the above are not on the actual items, which I'm sure you already knew, and b) here are some key words for your information and edification:

"seashore house decor" "shore house decor" "beach house decor"

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A is for


Also, A is for advertisement.

And further more, A is for ad.

O happens to be for old-time ad, a lot of which we have, on all manner of must-have must-haves.

To wit...

on mugs

and mouse pads

and pillows
 and jigsaw puzzles

and clocks

and bags
 and ties
And waayyy more.

Actually, 4581 more, as of 12:27 pm Eastern Standard time, on March 7, 2018..

Note that a lot of these are just the image, rather than the image plus the pitch, but the images are uniformly AWESOME.  Note also that there are no watermarks on the actual items, but you probably already knew that.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Mick Jagger being Mick Jagger to the 10th power:

'Hang Fire' - the Rolling Stones

latest retro ties for groovy guys

As always, we have some dillys.  Or dillies.

As always, the watermark is only here, to protect you from flying monkeys.  No watermarks on the actual ties.

Lastly, note that what you see on these ties also appears on everything from pillows to messenger bags to mouse pads.  And waayyyyy more than that.

So we got...
A bunny's four seasons


and we got a 19th century pig print, one of many many 19th century prints of farm animals in my store.

We also have oodles of Victorian everything in my store.


There are also many silhouette images in my store.
and vintage advertising.  Lots and lots of that, too.

as well as lotsa neato stuff I personally hand-colored.


We also have super-interesting historically-related items
See more ties -- all 500 of 'em -- here:


See all kinds of everything -- 21,000+ items currently -- here:


The glory that was Rome

We got ancient Roman on the brand new !!

(or perhaps ancient Greek, except that on the original image used here, there were some Latin alphabet whatsis.)


a print scarf !
 I've just added a number of scarves to my store.  They way I design them, if you arrange the center of the scarf behind your neck, not matter how the scarf is draped, the print will be facing up.  Not upside down EVER.
How cool is that???

We got lotsa pillows with this image.

towel sets !!

See the whole shebang here:

We also have lamps !!


 and bags !!

lotsa bags.  not just this one.
There's waaayyy more than the above, so...

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