Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Full-Service Bohemian Christmas Buying Guide Part III

As stated when we started the Guide, many of our recommendations are appropriate for those of you celebrating Hanukkah and/or Festivus. 

Today we're gonna show you some apparel.

Apparel that must be purchased as a gift for one of YOUR nears and dears.  

(Or else do your nears and dears prefer mass-produced junk that just came off the boat from China?  If so, look no further.  Go check your local Walmart/Target/Whatever Store Sells Junk from China Most Cheaply for this week's sale items.)

OK, back to blogging for the cognoscenti: 

We got jackets/coats/heavy sweaters !!

For ladies:
Faaaabulous faux fur leopard coat
 Large size, large appeal.

For gents:
That's the front and the back of this superbly awesome and flawless rodeo motif sweater.

This next item needs something additional (i.e. material suitable for a belt), because it's only two-part belt buckle, but what an opulent belt buckle it is:

All of the above can be had here:

Now we got cool cool shirts...

For kids:
Kate Greenaway winter scene on sweatshirt

 The Clown

 For ladies:
Dancing in the Dark-ish

For the gal who's a little wildcat

For gents:

Fancy 50s car

The above shirts -- and hundreds more (really, hundreds) -- can be had here:

Next we got TIES !! (Whoo hoo)

The little woman isn't so little.

According to my years of research, men hate Christmas ties.  But this one's not at all the goony Santa Claus/reindeer/wrapped gifts design.

What's on TV?

Be the first guy on your block with a tie bearing a 1951 Frazer automobiles ad!!

Who doesn't love wearing a tie with a print of Joan Crawford??
Nobody, that's who.

These -- and gazillions of other awesomely awesome ties -- can be had here:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

the Tuesday Song of the Week

We got something sorta kinda different this week.

Not a song, but an old vaudeville act that includes song, plus a bunch of other crazy stuff, courtesy of six of the Seven Little Foys, minus one who was running the camera:

Chips Off the Old Block - the Seven Little Foys

The above was on TCM last night, part of their salute to the 90th anniversary of the development (or use or something) of Vitaphone.

It had my hubs, who claimed this was the funniest thing he'd ever seen, laughing so hard I literally thought he was going to pop an aorta.

The Full-Service Bohemian Christmas Buying Guide Part II

As stated yesterday, many of the buying guides recommendations are appropriate for those of you celebrating Hanukkah and/or Festivus. 

Today, we got stuff for your happy home, including:

EIGHT vintage napkin rings depicting Santa Claus in his sleigh, with one of his reindeer .

We also have a pair of BEAUTIFUL blue glass candlesticks/candleholders, direct to you from the 1960s:

And for the shabby chic decor, we have this sweetie:
You get get any or all of the above here:

There's MORE !!
lovebirds (!) light
Christmas in the city trinket box
faaabulous retro ceramic tile
Della Robbia/Christ child (?) coasters
punchy retro pillow

growly throw blanket
Cinderella cinder-pillow

And for the Victorian/Edwarian decor, we have this lovely clock !!
All of the above - and so so so so much MORE - can be had here:

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Full-Service Bohemian Christmas Buying Guide Part I

The Full-Service Bohemian Christmas Buying Guide doubles as The The Full-Service Bohemian Hanukkah Buying Guide and also The Full-Service Bohemian Festivus Buying Guide.

Just so you know.

Today, we'll look at stocking stuffers.

Companies usually market small-ish junk as 'Great Stocking Stuffers !!'

That's not the game I play.  My stocking stuffers are QUALITY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET ELSEWHERE MERCHANDISE.  


Sooo, we have vintage costume jewelry:

the cutest ever, am I right?
Answer: Of course I am.

Who doesn't love smiling cats??
Answer: Nobody

Something for the gent.

Mid-Century modern !

 The glory that was Rome.  Or Greece.  

Howza 'bout this?  Not jewelry, but ooohhh sooo cool:
Itty bitty little cigar tin for little cigars.

All of the above can be purchased here:

Here's some other stocking-size stuff: 

a tiny Italian leather address book

Wallet for the ice-cream lover

Pretty pendant

macho belt buckle
The above three items -- and many many more -- can be found here:

Sandcastles in the air time

Isn't there a song about sandcastles,

or castles in the air,

or something?

Keeping with today's time theme, we got...

A sandcastle clock* !!

Note that my store has TONS more stuff with this awesome image, from a photo taken by your's truly on a vacation to the area in which I now live.  (Whew.  That's a lot of prepositions.)

Note also that much of the aforementioned stuff would be PERFECT for a beach wedding.

To see, to buy, go here:

In the 'Search this store' box, enter 'sandcastle'

*Lastly, note that sandcastle clock's bottom curves just like the top.  My snip thing doesn't work too good.

Ooh, I just realized 'Sandcastles in the air time' would make a great puzzle for Wheel of Fortune.  

Western time

Not Western time zone, because Western time zone isn't called Western time zone.

Which is a shame, I think.


AWESOME, am I right?

Of course I'm right.  

To see, to buy, go here:

and in the 'Search this store' box enter 'death'  Or if that creeps you out, try 'Rides'

Mug of the Month

For Christmas !!

VINTAGE Christmas !!!

The maaaavelous 1940s image wraps around the circumference of the mug.  

And the mug DOES have a handle.  Just so you know.

Get it here:

P.S. We also got another neat retro Christmas mugs.  To see, to buy, go here: