Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

This one reminds me soooo much of my after school job at Martindale's Health Foods in Head House Square, Philly, where I worked around 1982

'You Hit the Spot' - Graham Parker

Just found out that Martindale's is STILL in business in Springfield, PA.

Funny story (although not funny at the time): Was on the El on my way to work there, and thinking how much I loved that job.  When I came from the door, the first thing the manager told me they were closing in a month. 

Their NJ store was doing worse than the Philly store, but they NJ store couldn't get out of its lease as easily.  The Philly store was doing pretty well, I thought.

Once had some one call and ask if it was a restaurant.

'No, ma'am,' I said.  'This is a health food store.'

'Not a restaurant?'


'Well, can you at least check?'

I checked.  It was definitely not a restaurant.

MORE unique ties for discerning guys

I've been spending a lot of time in the tie designing business.

Here's what I got for you today:

From a 1930s ad for engine oil.

 Don't I hand-color good?
Who doesn't love elves?

Especially elves carrying two large -- for the elf -- packages of chewing gum.
Now this is something REALLY special
 It's King Tatarrax being attended by his maidens while he lies under his golden bells.
Learn more about him here: 

Next up, two identical twin Saint Bernard dogs, one carrying some alcoholic libation, and one carrying a bottle of refreshing White Rock soda.

 I'll take the soda.
A juggling juggler !!

 Don't I hand-color good?
For when you're feeling regal

Note that all the watermarks are only her to protect you from flying monkeys.  (I know you know that already, but a reminder doesn't hurt.)

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Waayyyy back when the Twist became the hippest and most dangerous* thing to come down the road in a long time,  TV weighed in with the Twizzle on the Dick Van Dyke Show, and the following, from The Flintstones

'Bedrock Twitch' - Rock Roll

Here's a clip for the show:

*Getting back to the Twist.  A while back I found an early 1960s magazine, which advertised on the cover an article featuring a rabbi, a Protestant minister, a Catholic priest weighing in on the societal influence -- good or bad -- of the Twist.

bunny bunny

Who doesn't LOVE bunny rabbits?

Nobody, that's who.

Which brings us to...

this cutie reading to a smaller cutie

trying on an Easter bonnet
 on wrapping paper

in yardage form,and on SEVEN (I think) kinds of fabric !!

See more bun-ificence in the form of apparel, home decor, accessories and other stuff here: 


flowers that bloom ...

... in July, tra la
Specifically on ties !!

YESSSS !!!  Floral print ties !

We got ties with a baby's breath/gypsophila print !!
We got ties printed with African marigolds

and sweet william flowers
and spicy red hot pokers
and lovely canna flowers
and beautiful blue ageratums
and sunflowers !!
Even though it looks here like the backs of the ties is white, the backs of the ties are actually the same background color as the fronts.

Just so you know.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

BIG web


Was in my front yard this weekend.

Is no longer there for some unknown reason.


The Tuesday Song of the Week

Something lovely and floral:

'Outside My Window' - Stevie Wonder