Thursday, June 14, 2018

newest old stuff !!

Some awesome awesomeness we got:

SUPER BEAUTIFUL RING -- even better than what you see above -- that's adjustable.
Literally the most attractive 'junk jewelry' ring I've ever seen.

More gorgeousness, in shoe form.
1970s shoes from John Wanamaker's
They look worlds better in person.

Merv Gryphon

A little Hollywood Regency

WILD pineapple lamp

CLASSIC Pyrex glass percolator
makes from 4 to six cups

Speaking of coffee, we got...
a SUPER Mid-Century Modern coffee urn by Vornado

And lastly, for now, we got...
an exquisite Limoges plate.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Tuesday Song of the Week

This past Sunday afternoon, my hubs and I attended a concert by a group called The Seven Sopranos.  They sing mostly opera with a show tune shoe-horned in here and there.

Most of what they sang, I'd heard before, but not the following:

Rossini's Cat Duet - Kiri Te Kanawa and Norma Burrows

MORE antiques and untiques

Just a few, but lots more will be coming...

1970s kitty pen holder
Will also hold a pencil or a PixyStix. 

VERY appealing Mid-Century Modern planter, by the most unlikely maker... SOLD
 i. e. McCoy

This is something SUPER BEAUTIFUL 
From around 1890, made of cardboard (!) and still in pretty awesome condition. 

I'm sure you're aware that those conservative size 12 shoes in your closet are kinda boring.

What you need is something like these:

Note that all of the above can be had here:

Now here's something in my eBay store for the discerning gent, to wit a whole bunch of vintage shaving supplies:
Auction ends on Monday, June 11 at 8:00 Pacific time.

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Mug of the Month

Something dreamy and romantic for June...

Get it here:

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June's new old new ties

We have some epic beauties here today, including...

Victorian lady jester

polar bears x 2


I am the warrior.

Don't I hand-color good?

Same disclaimer as always: the watermark is only here to keep YOU from being the victim of flying monkeys.

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Fathers Day buying guide

Surely you don't want to give dear old Dad some massed produced Made in China piece of junk for Fathers Day.

That's why were here to help.

Usually the first idea somebody gets is to give Dad a tie.

We have HUNDREDS of awesome ties, including...

for the sartorially-conscious

for the wise man
for the Russian and/or the numismatist
In addition to the above, my store has store has over 500 other ties, note a bore in the bunch.  

Or maybe Dad would like a wallet.  

We have lots of them, too.  Over 300.

For the Dad who enjoys the oddball...
Or the defiant dad.

There's also a super-mega awesome wallet in my Etsy store: 

Or maybe Dad's the kind of guy who wears cufflinks:

We got Celtic designs
and we got regal designs...
And over fifty more !!

Or howza bowza a belt buckle:
for the free spirit
We don't have a whole lot of belt buckles, but we do have you can see here:

That's it for accessories.  Now onto other neato items for Dad...

Maybe Dad's the classy type and drives a classy car.
Hence, classy floor mats.  (Not that the actual floor mats not blurry as the above).

Maybe Dad's a fan of Western heroes and/or would like a cooler than average mouse pad.
You can find over SIX HUNDRED (or, if you prefer, over 600) different mouse pads here:

Maybe Dad has a man cave that he likes to fill with mantiques

Tapestries can be found here:

Pillows can be found here:

Or maybe Dad's the musical type

During his set, Dad might get thirsty, which brings us to...

Flasks here: 

We also have many many very very cool t-shirts !!

Such as...

And also long sleeve t-shirts
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Happy Shopping !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2018

latest antiques and untiques


three old miniature bottles

antique frame which includes an antique photo of antique kids

old Evening in Paris bottles

History's Prettiest Cracker Jar

even MORE old minsture bottles

high-class lipstick caddy

late VIctorian mother love

See more, get more here: