Monday, March 27, 2017

MORE made in USA print fabric

Here's what we're gonna do: Treat you to six print fabrics from my shop every day from Monday through Friday.

All American-made, in Henderson, North Carolina.

All beyond awesome.

All available in cotton, polyester, and linen.

All not with the watermark, which (if you're a long-time follower you already know) is only here on the blog to protect YOU from flying monkeys.  To be bo specific, watermarks be not on actual fabric.  Or on any of the other thousands of items in my store.

Now on to what you came for:

It would blow your mind how popular this image is.
 And how much stuff bearing the above image have been sold.

Another one of the  public's favoriates.

And yet another.

If this were the only image in my shop, i.e. the only image on all my mugs, apparel, pillows, blankets, gift wrap and cards, yada yada yada, it would single-handedly pay my mortgage.
 For reals.
Now that it's on fabric and therefore potentially on clothing and curtains and that, all the more so.

As far as epic cuteness goes, this one's another winner.

The fairy tale wedding crowd are ALL OVER this.

See MORE novelty print fabric here:

And more thousands of everything here:

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Cape May County Spring Antiques Show - June 10, 2017

In my canvass of potential dealers for this show, consensus is that they want bigger spaces (our original space size was 8' x 10'), since many will be using tents, soooo...

Yep.  The spaces are bigger -- 10 ft. x 12. ft, and space rent is the SAME $40 per space.

However, this means we have less space to rent out, so folks -- DO register SOON.  Otherwise you'll lose out.  And no one wants that to happen.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Made in USA print fabric


I've now added yardage to the overwhelmingly overwhelming stuff in my Zazzle store.

And each and every inch of material (your choices are three kinds of cotton, two kinds of polyester, and two kinds of linen !!)  is printed in Henderson, NC.

So for your sewing pleasure, we got...

a lot of circa 1950 TVs

We got not real juice products

We got fancy early 1960s coiffures

And equally fancy early 1970s wigs

We got the VERY (really) popular hippo in a party hat

for seashore wearing and decor we got sea anemones

I'm listing way way WAY more fabulous print fabrics which you - yes, you - can ONLY get from my store and nobody else's store.  A 100% true fact.

See some, buy some here:

See, buy, enjoy thousands of everything else here:

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

the Tuesday Song of the Week

I could swear today's Tuesday Song of the Week was an earlier Tuesday Song of the Week, but my files say no.

So, in memory of Chuck Berry...
'Browned-Eyed Handsome Man'


Amma show you some bo cool Made in USA* decorative tiles:

*True fact: I did not know that EV-RY-THING in my Zazzle store was made somewhere in the USA.





The tiles were made at Zazzle Home in San Jose, CA.

Now onto what you came for:

This beauty comes in TWO
separate designs.  

Don't I hand-color good?

was yesterday.

They look delicious, no?

beauty in canine form

something Victorian
Don't I hand-color good? 

Shake a hand.

See more, get more here:

To see the THOUSANDS of everything in my store, go here:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Made in the USA

True fact: ALL the bags in my Zazzle store are made in the United States of America.

This one was made in Hendersonville, NC

So was this one.

and also this one:


These are all made in Kansas City, MO:


And these begin life in San Francisco, CA...

Don't I hand-color good?

Note that all my Made in the USA bags (i.e. ALL my bags) can be had here:

Them - plus thousands (really!) of all my other must-haves -- can be had here:

The following keywords are just to drive peeps to the blog, so they can see my mahvelous American stuff:

US-made products, American-made products, Buy American

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

the Tuesday Song of the Week

A forgotten gem from the 1980s...
'Just Got Lucky' - JoBoxers