Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Something heartfelt and soulful-ish
'Get Here' - Oleta Adams


Ladies, have you noticed in the last bunch of years that when you go into a department store to buy a slip - either a full slip or a half-slip -- that you're instead directed to 'body shapers' ?

Me, my body already has a shape.  Not a great one, mind you, but nothing that a spandex-intensive garment is going to improve upon. (Spanx did nothing for me, other than make me feel like I was in a sausage casing.  And out $60.) So when I go shopping for a slip, it's a slip I'm looking for.  If only I could find one.

But know this, ladies: Slips I have for YOU.  Marvelous wonderful VINTAGE slips.  And ESPECIALLY for those of you whose size ranges from size 16 up to 20 or so.

Here's what we got:

a beauty, in the darkest possible shade of blue

another beauty, all lacy 'n stuff

and another beauty, this one with floral appliques on the bustline and near the hem
I'm sorry they're not visible in the photo, but I promise they're there.

another lacy confection

I usually approach white slips with trepidation. So many have that granny vibe.

But if it's good enough for Liz Taylor, I guess it's good enough for me.  And you.


That's it for full slips.  Now onto the half-slip:

Ain't that a beauty?

You can buy any or all of the above slips here:

Monday, July 9, 2018

A slice of Philadelphia history

Dug out of a box of ephemera, I found a program for Overbrook High School's 1939 commencement dealie.

On the back is a list of the members of the Philadelphia Board of Education. At least EIGHT of these guys went on to have schools named after them:

MORE antiques and untiques

This is only a teensy miniscule amount of what's currently in the in the pipeline:

super cool, super Fifties enamel pot and lid

green and graceful bottle !!

more green glass, in sugar bowl and creamer form

an antique bottle with an orb held up by three putti

Here's something rare and marvelous: salt and pepper shakers wearing hats

in mercury glass knob form

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

even more latest antiques and untiques !!

We are inundated with fantastic finds !!  

Adorable vintage juvenile print material


EPIC cool salt and pepper shakers
 perfect for the red kitchen, or Mid-Century Modern Christmas (they look a little like Christmas lights) OR Mid-Century Modern Easter, because they're egg-shaped.

woodland motif Nippon bowl
 So neat how the tree branches extend to the rim.

Steinbock-Email enamel art
 Honest.  The company's name was Steinbock-Email.

$185 in puffy money

several years ago, I got out of the vintage tie business
but I'm slowly getting pulled back in.  The above is a 1940s Van Heusen tie.

Mrs. Day's Ideal baby shoes
 Original box, original condition.

SUPER cool Nicholas Reich handbag
 This is the first Nicholas Reich bag I've ever found.  When I looked him up, most of what I found were kinda not interesting plain-ish leather bags.  So I'm confident in saying that I have The World's Coolest Nicholas Reich Bag.

epic neato 1960s clip on earrings

Get the point?
I've found many pairs of shoe lasts in my career, just nothing like the above.

Mug of the Month

Uncle Sam is counting on YOU !!  So remember to keep your yap closed about troop movements and such.

Keywords for your interest and edifications: World War II Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam mug

Wanna have coffee/tea/Postum with Uncle Sam EVERY DAY???  

Get him here:

 https://www.zazzle.com/1940s_world_war_ii_warning_from_uncle_sam_coffee_mug-168312618711912959 ?rf=238225004668148127Z

Saturday, June 30, 2018

latest antiques and untiques

Some neato new additions to my Etsy store,

History's Adorable-est figural still bank

high-heeled shoe bottle !!!

His and Hers salt and paper shakers and egg cups 

 circa 1905 Grandma from Germany no. 1

circa 1905 Grandma from Germany no. 2

FAB. U. LOUS Whiting and Davis mesh bag

hand-carved bighorn sheep family... in SOAPSTONE

Get one, get all here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AntiquesUntiques