Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

This month is Cherry Festival month, so...

'Le Temps des Cerises' - Charles Trenet

latest old stuffs

LOTS of neat old stuff -- and MORE coming !!

But for now, we got...
genie in training
 They start with birds before they move on to flying carpets.

PRETTY pin !!

beeYOUtiful paperweight

Mid-Century Modern for the wall

vaseline glass shoe

T. H. Stough dog wearing a hat candy container

3-piece hat block

folk art dog doorstop

'nother Mid Century Modern item

Get one, get all here:


Thursday, April 20, 2017

latest Made in USA print fabric


Would make a killer dress, no?

Super cool for kitchen curtains !!

Something for the culture vulture

Who doesn't love the Corticelli kitten????
Nobody, that's who. 

Perfect for westernwear or the cowboy decor

what's sweeter than the average crocus??
Nuttin', honey.

See MORE awesomely awesome yardage (in cotton, polyester AND linen) here:

See THOUSANDS more of everything here:

poetry !!

Went to a poetry reading in Vineland, NJ two Saturdays ago.  

A buncha poets was there.

Me, I don't consider myself a poet, but I can scratch something out that sorta kinda almost is a poem.  

Anyhoo, we all did something like a chain poem.  The first person would write a sentence, fold the paper over, just showing the last word of the sentence.  So no one knows what was written before, except for that last word.

The next person had to start their sentence with that word.  Then they'd hide their sentence, leaving just that last word visible, and so on.

I was the last person in the chain.

Here's the poem:


Political standing aside, our hero grasps to his lost shred of
humanity is over there in a box so get the
car possessed by evil demons bent on eating souls of
children of the sun are crying for
water dances, tumbles, and dives into cracks, onto
pavement rough, jagged shards buried in
my dog loves to chase prisms on the
carpet. pressed with cautious, furtive
tread the threadbare runners
lightly fell the cinders from the bonfire celebrating the
end of it


What's in pink is my contribution.

Thank you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

So some of the old pic Kismet a couple days ago, and was sorta kinda bowled over by Dolores Gray.

Today's Tuesday Song of the Week isn't from that pic, but from another one she was in, to wit It's Always Fair Weather:

'Thanks a Lot, But No Thanks' - Dolores Gray

Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday's six Made in USA novelty print fabrics

Sorry I haven't been keeping up, I'm busy a lot during the week playing sick for money.

(see October 7, 2011 post for further description of my work as a part-time standardized patient.)

Anyway, you can expect these outages until mid-May, when the med school year is finally over.

Enough excuses, here's what you came for:

Remember seeing these gals last time?
That's them before they were hand-colored.  Some peeps prefer the original sepia. 
A VERY cool novelty print for seashore wear and/or shore house decor.

This is Billy the Kid, from an old UK comic
 Apparently, the Brits were unaware that Billy the Kid was no hero.

Here's Billy explaining his life's motto, i.e. 'Billy the Kid travels alone.'
 Both of the above would make some bo cool westernwear and/or neat drapes for the western man cave.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the Bird Lady.
She'd look marvelous on a dress, particularly one with lotsa frou frou.
Don't I hand-color good?

This is bo cool - an illustration of a 19th century book I have on raising farm critters.
Above are the long-extinct Bucks County fowl.
I'd love a dress or skirt with this print.  
Would also make marvy curtains for a rooster decor. 

Joan's in the house !!
And posing in an ad for Stereo Realist cameras.
Joan looks good on everything.

See MORE fascinatically fantastic novelty yardage (in cotton, polyester AND linen) here:

See THOUSANDS more of everything here:

Mug of the Month

An April showers theme...

Get it here: