Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Tuesday Song of the Week

A gazillion years ago I saw Boz Scaggs at the Tower Theater.

A great concert, except that the band was waayyy too loud, and eventually Boz couldn't out-sing them, and his voice was getting all tattered trying.  He pulled the plug on the concert at less than the halfway point.  Big disappointment.  


'Miss Sun' - Boz Scaggs

Tickets, please

i forget who I saw this with.

military history

Napoleonic military history, to be specific.

Even more specifically, Napoleonic era military band.  

Which -- believe you me -- is very cool.

Wanna see?
in pillow form !

in lamp form !!

in clock form

in tapestry form !!

AND in a bunch more forms !!

See 'em all here: https://www.zazzle.com/the_olden_eye/circa%201800

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Tuesday Song of the Week

I quote from this song ALL.  THE.  TIME.

'Every Kinda People' - Robert Palmer

latest Made in USA print fabrics

As always, we have some really neato novelty prints, such as...

As always...

Know this: The watermark is NOT on the actual fabric (which I'm most of you already know).  It's only there to protect my followers from flying monkeys. Which most of you already know.

Know also: 

All of the above available in three kinds of cotton, two kinds of polyester, and two kinds of linen.

All of the above are Made in USA.

All of the above are rare and awesome and epic.

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We be having

...tapestries !!

YES !!!!

I only started making these, so as of 2:50 p.m. on April 17 (i.e. now, today) I only have 44 in my store, but each and every one is a marvel of marvelousness.

Wanna see some?

Note that in person, all the tapestries are sharper than what you see here.

Wanna see all the (so far) tapestries?

Go here: 


Mothers Day Shopping Guide

We got some sweet stuff for Mom !!

Such as...
something dreamy and lovely and sweet
for the mom raising a big baby
 ... or whose husband is a big baby.

something else super sweet, in tile form

something lovely for the new mom


something pretty and floral and useful as a receptacle for a smaller gift

something else pretty, for Mom to record her memories in

And another pretty thing, for Mom to carry stuff in

See more mother (and Mother Goose) items here:

See all 20,000+ EVERYTHING -- lots of which Mom might also like -- here: