Thursday, November 15, 2018

Stuff I'm interested in

This is less 'Stuff I'm interested in' and more 'Stuff I remember and think about sometimes.'
Eons ago, in my teens and early 20s I worked a number of part-time retail jobs throughout Northeast Philly.

I rode buses and the El everywhere, since I didn't get a car until I was 25 or so.  

There was this old lady I'd see on the bus, and she would usually have her ID in full view, showing her name to be Olive Frankenstein.  Honest.  No lie.  

Was that her married name, and if so, what was her husband Mr. Frankenstein like?   Did she have any reservations changing her surname from her maiden name to Frankenstein?

Or was she an old maid, passed over because no one wanted to marry a Miss Frankenstein?

When did she die, and why is she not googlable?  

I think about Olive Frankenstein at least a couple times a year.  

The Star Made Me Buy It

I keep finding more and more of these - about a year ago, I bought a bunch of 1940s Life magazines - but it's taken me until recently to go through them all.  

Here's what we have today:

Claudette Colbert for Auto-Lite car batteries

Can you imagine the pitch from the ad agency's creative director??

'Trust me, we WILL get women buying your car batteries, because we're gonna hire one of your better half's favorite movie stars, and you know how much the ladies today like to pattern their lives after what they read in the movie magazines.'  

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

newest antiques and untiques

The antiquey awesomeness keeps on coming !!

Autumn leaves in cake plate form

GORGEOUS Nippon vase

Here's one side.

Here's the other side.

iron butterfly in tray form

Josef Originals Christmas doggie

beautiful in bisque

See more, get more here:

Cat Day

Cat Day was exactly a week ago.

It started out like this:

On Wednesdays* I volunteer at the Animal Welfare Society's thrift store, which is on Route 47 in Dias Creek.  Now and then I see something I want to buy, but that's rare.

However, on Cat Day, this was what was in the store:
a Shawnee Puss 'n Boots cookie jar.
MINT condition.  

The price was low low low, and so I bought it.

After I closed up for the day - the store is open from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday (in case you ever want to visit) - I went to the Shop Rite in Rio** to pick up some whatever.  At the time I was wearing this:
The clerk at the register got all excited, and went on about how much she loves cats.  So did the guy in front of me, who said he has two indoor cats, and four outdoor cats, and was all broken up that 'his baby' - a rough customer with one eye and only a few teeth - had recently been hit by a car.

From there I stopped at the Pet Valu in Court House*** to get some iforgetwhat.  They're doing some kind of fundraiser for the local shelters.

'You can donate either for dogs or cats,' the clerk told me.

I said I would donate for cats.

He gave me a big smile, and told me that hardly ever does anybody donate for the cats.  He's a cat lover with six cats.  His wife had at one time -- I guess before she was his wife -- eleven cats.

That's a lotta cats.

So that was Cat Day.

*My Wednesdays are going to be turned into Thursdays, or maybe every other Friday, because I have a new dealie which I might tell you about some time soon, which requires my presence on Wednesdays.

**Rio is actually Rio Grande.  Everybody around here calls it Rio.

*** Court House is what everybody calls Cape May Court House.  Cape May Court House is  the county seat, it's not a court house.  Although there IS a court house in Court House.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Star Made Me Buy It

Today we got a golfer, Walter Hagan, for Lucky Strike. 

I've heard of lotsa old timey golfers (Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Gene Sarazen*) , but had never heard of this one, which is odd, because according to Wikipedia, his stats rank third behind Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

* True fact: eons ago, I found a signed copy of Gene Sarazen's Common Sense Golf Tips, which should have gone for a good chunk of change, but I got it like a week after 9/11, so people were too busy mourning to pay good money for this book.  

BTW, if you ever want to see a neat golf movie, check out Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius.  Jeremy Northam - love me some Jeremy Northam - plays Hagan as a guy who plays professional golf only so he can afford to have good times drinking and womanizing and having fun.  

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Haven't posted anything not in English since August.

This is real boppy.

'Tequila Con Limon' - Los Juniors

Bag of the Month

And what a marvelously opulent bag it is!


Ain't that suh'm??

Get it here:

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