Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

For some reason I thought this song came out way before 1978.

1978s was VERY disco-intensive, and this joint is classic R&B.

'Back in Love Again' - L.T.D.

I wanna ...

or rather, 'I want..."

1920s sheet music print
on everything from t-shirts to pillows to clocks to throw blankets to bags and TONS more.
watermark only to keep my audience from the threat of flying monkeys

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A sentiment we can all support

To wit...

Zombie Lives Matter
Considering of course that they're actually mostly dead, their lives really do matter.

You can share this sentiment with t-shirts, buttons, and bumperstickers.

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It's a wrap

Any minute now the gift-giving season will be upon us.

Will YOU be ready?

If you think not, my store can help.

Hereza what we gotsa:

Halloween not really considered a gift-giving event, but why shouldn't it be?? 

Moving on to Christmas...

and also
Now for New Year's we got:
Don't I hand-color good?

Now for other all-year-round events, there's...

something PERFECT for the surprise party

and something SUPER MEGA PERFECT for Ma's and Pa's Golden Anniversary
The bottle of hooch on the tray is Golden Wedding Whiskey

Next, peeps be having babies like ALL THE TIME, therefore...
Don't I hand-color really good?

A whole passel of babies doing their thing.

babies hanging with pit bulls aka 'nanny dogs.'

Lastly - for now - we got something divinely opulent, and perfect for those big fat expensive presents:

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

This song has been in my head for... well, longer than I'd like to say.

'One Paddle, Two Paddle' - Don Ho

tickets, please

I thought it was actually a body double.

latest Made in USA print yardage

Made in USA print fabrics de jour:

Today's are kinda bovine-intense, from a 19th century book I have on raising farm animals and poultry and that.

Holstein bull and cow 
Holstein bull
Holstein heifer
bovine-related, but not bovine:
Who in their right mind doesn't like ice cream?
Or ice cream cone prints ??
Next up two prints that have absolutely nothing to do with cattle:

such as our happy policeman


a circa 1932 ad for New York's Hollywood Cabaret and Restaurant
found in an early 1930s Broadwy play bill.

All of the above available in three kinds of cotton, two kinds of polyester, and two kinds of linen.

All of the above are Made in USA.

All of the above are rare and awesome and epic.

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