Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Had the hardest time finding this version.

All the other versions were slow-ish, and lacking energy.

That's not how I roll.


'Jambalaya' - John Fogerty

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Labor Union history

Something neato from the bad old days:

It's impossible to over-estimate how awful things were back in the day for coal miners and factory workers and share-croppers.  Tons of info about this shameful history on the 'net.

What we got is something rare and awesome from the movement in 1917, a perfect gift for the labor organizer, labor activist, history teacher, or anyone else interested in American history:

We are in here for you.  You are out there for us.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

matchy matchy

Matchy matchy is a pejorative term for overly matched (either in color, style or whatever)  clothing ensembles.

Yet sometimes matchy matchy kinda works to make a GREAT overall impression.  

Exhibit A, starting from the top:



All together they = AWESOME.

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Now onto Exhibit B:



Again, all three = AWESOME

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Not a 'song,' but rather a kickin' instrumental from the 1960s Miss Marple series of movies, starring Margaret Rutherford

'Miss Marple's Theme' - Ron Goodwin

The Animals

and also The Birds.

On bags !!

by the by, the watermarks are -- as most of you already know -- only here to protect my faithful followers from flying monkeys.  The watermarks do NOT appear on the actual bags.

from a print entitled 'Dignity and Impudence'
 i.e. the humble sparrow has dignity, while the bright colorful parrot is impudent. 
They're both very attractive, no matter their character.

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A puppy AND kittens !!!

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Who doesn't love polar bears??
 Nobody, that's who.

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LOVE the Leopard
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suh'm FOXY
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Hog Heaven
in wristlet form !!

Captioned 'breeder in good flesh'
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Friday, September 7, 2018

This month's groovy new vintage ties

A marvel of marvelousness this month, to wit:

The cat who danced with a mouse

circus circus

1803 London volunteer soldiers x 2


Big Coffee
for the tobaccoiana enthusiast

and one for the horsey type

The great Lillian Russell in necktie form

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Stuff I'm interested in

I'm all kinds of interested - and always have been - with sub-cultures.

The Amish, motorheads, nuns, book club ladies, gay male antiques dealers, the British Royal Family, Hasidics, and on and on.  I am also super-interested in cemeteries.

Today, amma show you a photo I saved from a New York Times (I think it was the NYT) from a few years ago.   It came with a tragic story of a Hasidic couple getting killed in a taxi accident.  The photo was from their wedding.

That wild thing on his head is a shtreimel, from the fur approximately 30 dead animals.  Shtreimels cost from a grand up to $5000 or so.  The coat he's wearing is not the one you usually sees Hasidic men wearing, but I have been unsuccessful in finding out what it's called.

The very pretty bride's gown is pretty typical for a Hasidic wedding, since Haredi (synonym for Hasidic) women are forbidden to show much skin.  If her particular community was REALLY hardcore, the day after her wedding, her head would have been completely shaved, and a wig plopped on it.  

Interesting, no?