Wednesday, January 30, 2013

TOTALLY turtles

If there's one thing that dealing in antiques and vintage has tortoise, it's that you never know what you're going to find.

Generously sized, and in MINT condition.

The dearest Valentine's Day gift

A 'Dearest' box

for your dearest dear

Monday, January 28, 2013

1890s American Waltham GOLD pocket watch



As amazing a find as ever I've found.
I found it last summer at a flea market.  The vendor was a young girl with a table full of junk jewelry.  I thought this was a very pretty, but obviously a better-than-average, repro.  I asked her the price, and she said... well, it was the same price as all the other junk jewelry.

Also set up at the market was a watch dealer.  I showed it to him, and he just about fainted.  The watch dates to around 1894, he said, and all it needed was a mainspring.  Also, he said it was gold-filled, and worth about $125.

It sat on my desk until a month ago, when I brought it to the jeweler I use for watch repairs.   The manager said it was really pretty, and in exceptionally fine condition, considering that it was only gold-filled.  (Stay with me here.)

The other clerk looked the watch over and over, and finally asked, 'Do you mind if I test this?  Because to me it looks like gold.'  Of course, I said yes.

Five minutes later, he comes bouncing back, all excited.  It IS gold!!!!!!!

This jeweler offers Cadillac-level service when dealing with watches, so the watch was fully cleaned and repaired and what and what.  The manager told me that when they got the guts out of it, there was 22 pennyweight of gold.  He also told me -- more than once -- (he loves to yak) that the watch should sell for...




about a THOUSAND dollars.  

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adorable Adoptables! issue no. 1

In addition to all the other stuff I do, I volunteer at Petco every other Wednesday to feed and play with the cats.  Neither Petco nor PetsMart sells cats, they're put there for adoption by local animal welfare groups.  

Here's a look at our current residents:
 The handsome gentleman above is Sebastian.  Large and firmly in charge, he's mayor of PetcoKittytown.  He stepped in when his predecessor, Harry, was unable to finish out his term, due to finding his forever home.  In addition to Sebastian's admirable leadership skills (i.e. patience and fairness), he is... well, insanely playful.  Many a civic meeting has been cut short in favor of laser chasing.  Sebastian is working towards the annihilation of that little red dot in our lifetime.

Remember Ferdinand the Bull, who just wanted to sit quietly and smell the flowers?  Barney, the young gent shown above, has a similarly peaceful and resigned nature.  Very chill.  Very zen.  Loves the pets, especially in the facial cheekal area.  LOVES to play, but is not competitive. ADOPTED!!!  

Song of Solomon, 1:5 'I am black, but comely.'  That's our darling little Fritz.  As sweet and cuddly, and with the softest fur imaginable.  And a really pretty face, which my camera was unable to capture.  She's such a happy little thing, and is eager to share that with everyone. ADOPTED!!!  

Speaking of what my camera is unable to capture...  The little doll shown above is Sweet Pea, and oh boy does that name fit her.   She's only about 4,800,772 times prettier than this dreadful photograph.  Sweet face, sweet personality, and a very sweet little voice she uses to chat about subjects dear to her heart.  Like playing and getting petted and the need for peace and kindness in the world. Just visit the Petco at 9717 Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia.  ADOPTED!!

Above is Bigsby.  If one could imagine the Professor from Gilligan's Island in cat form, it would be him.  He's bright and analytical, and very VERY handsome.  Affectionate and eager to play, but with the utmost dignity.  (OK, I'll admit that you didn't see the Professor doing much in the way of affection or playing on Gilligan's Island, but it was apparent that he had a thing for Mary Ann.)  ADOPTED!!!  

All of our cats are spayed or neutered, they have their shots and have tested negative for feline leukemia and feline AIDS.

Wanna meet them in person?

You can!!  Just visit the Petco at 9717 Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

the world's coolest lucite bracelet

now in captivity!!!

 Zippily zipping around...

Sold, but still worth a look, dontcha think?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Buck the tide

and go W-I-D-E!

Necktie-ally speaking.

Whether you do it with 1940s and '50s versions...

or the 1960s and '70s iteration.

They come with animals!

And people!

And also coocoo bananas abstractions!!