Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Today's song is Jack Teagarden's very lovely rendering of 'A Hundred Years from Today.'

Jack was better known as a trombone player, and while he did not have what would be considered a great singing voice, he knew his way around a song.

Many guys with voices that would make the Juilliard singing department kvell with joy lack that quality.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Renninger's Flea Market; Adamstown, PA - August 25, 2013

Hubs and I were set up at Renninger's yesterday, the idea being to raise $$$$ for our upcoming vacation.  

I remembered to bring my camera, so here's what you would have seen offered for sale yesterday (none of which is our stuff):

This neat chaise longue was in the same row as us. Very comfortable-looking.  I thought I heard the vendor quote somebody the price.  I forget what it was.  A couple hundred I think.  Did not include booster seat.

This table was across from the chaise lounge.  I was somewhat interested in the greenish Czecho vase (next to the orange and black one), seeing that it was only $15, but then I read the tag again and it said the vase had damage on the base.

Dig those beautiful beaded purses!

Here's the lady who made them.
(Yep, a REAL PERSON made them!)

Her name is Maria Weaver.

Lotsa neat photos there yesterday.

A much better than average $5 table.

Where's my wallet?? 

Is that cool or is THAT cool??

pale horse


I can't even remember where or when I got this painting, or what I paid for it
but it's pretty cool, no?

beer with me

and dig this amazingly all that stein

the circumference of which features the Lord's Prayer auf Deutsch

Jools, beautiful jools

A bunch of recently found - either at the fleas/auctions/thrifts or in a box in my storage locker that hasn't seen the light of day since 2010 -- JEWELRY!!


This very pretty rhinestone brooch signed 'Phyllis'

a MAHVELOUS locket pendant (photo of which does not do justice to it)

a 1980s JJ-signed cutie with mouse

pretty Erwin Pearl bow brooch

fancy Spanish Damascene brooch

old cameo brooch signed 'Western Germany'

AND two AWESOME finds from this past weekend...

                                               1920s ivory belt buckle
okay, not jewelry, but it could be retrofitted to become jewely

RARE RARE RARE 1960s Jacques Gautier bracelet

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

James Morrison - 'Exactly Like You'


Here's the story behind this selection: a gazillion years ago a friend and I, having attended an early-ish wedding and reception, got it in our heads to go downtown and stroll South Street.  We were still in our wedding-attending finery, and it was mind-blowing how many people stopped to stare at us, awestruck at our shimmering presence.  Inspired by this, now and then we would get dressed up in our best duds - he in his best suit and tie, and I an a divine array of vintage evening wear - and go somewhere to 'be seen.'  As in, 'Yo, let's go be seen Saturday night.'  We favored the better class of restaurant for this, and since we both make each other laugh, not only would we be the best-dressed by far, but would obviously be having the best time.  

The idea struck that it would be cool to be followed around by a vehicle (a Duesenberg would have done nicely) whose sound system would be playing something classy and sophisticated, announcing our classy, sophisticated selves.  Our choice at the time was Swing-Out Sister's 'Break Out.'  But I think 'Exactly Like You' would be much more suitable.


Monday, August 19, 2013

this music is just...


music and munitions

In the rarest possible combination!!

i. e. enamel on copper.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

That's bull

as you can plainly see.

It's a bull bank!
Wall Street says 'Bull good, bear bad.'  

Blue bull even better.

All tied up

New (old) ties for discriminating guys!

Bubble bubble

The rare animals of Notchu Beechu

Preppy conservativeness, in necktie form

deers and dogs smackdown.  The deers usually win.  Antlers trump fangs anytime.
Then everybody goes home, having had fun.

Stylized geishas!!

designer (Pierre Balmain) deco ennui

I'd like to suggest that you ladies out there consider wearing vintage ties.  They look bo cute with a plain blouse and skirt.  When I was in college, once in awhile I would wear a yellow knitted tie with a lavender cotton blouse, and a purple/yellow/black plaid skirt.  My ensemble was voted 'the most adorable combination EVER' by a jury of my peers.

Love me,

love my bird.

Pretty boudoir lamp from Germany circa 1920s.  

It's for you

yet again!

A 1980s see-through phone, perfect for having 1980s-oriented conversations, like "Isn't Kirk Cameron cuuuuute?," and 'Bennigan's was so much fun last night, but somehow my can of mousse felt out of my pocketbook and rolled away somewhere, and I couldn't hardly find it,' and 'That person on the cover of the Culture Club album is a guy??????'

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

I assumed I'd have lotsa material for the blog between Tuesdays, but that didn't happen this week because a) I have a huge-ish editing job to finish (yes, the Full Service Bohemian also works as an editor!  For books and stuff!!), and b) I was doing houseworky-related stuff.  

So anyway, the song:
'Route National 7,' sung by the one, the only Charles Trenet.

What's neat about this song is that it starts very slowly, with that icky lullaby keyboard thingie (ecch) but by the end, the horns are going completely insane, and Charlie is howling. 

There will be many more foreign Tuesday Songs of the Week, because a few years back, bored and horrified by the garbage I was hearing on the radio, I wanted to hear what vintage German/Italian/French/Other popular music sounded like.  I now have many gems in my collection.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Have tea with...

the Chief Scout!

I'm sure you already know this, but Colonel Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scout movement, which is pretty huge thing, when you think about how many gazillions of boys have had their lives positively impacted by Boy Scouting.  He also had something to do with the Girl Scouts, since he was buds with Juliette Lowe, and encouraged her to do the girl thing.  Maybe if I can find it, I'll post the picture of my troop out on maneuvers.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Just push


Above is Lester, who spends his mornings chillaxin' on top of my computer station.

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Somewhere on this blog I made reference to my peerless taste in music.  Now, because I'm all about sharing the good and the wonderful, from now on every Tuesday I'm gonna post a song I personally have deemed 'awesome.'

So here's our very first Tuesday Song of the Week:

The Association are better-known for their mushy output, i.e. 'Cherish,' and 'Never My Love,' which are both fine songs, but are not known for getting you boppin' like 'Along Comes Mary.'  Someone made a comment on YouTube that they would like to see this song rendered in karaoke, but for that to happen, the singer would have to practice it for at least six years.  This person knew what he was talking about.


Monday, August 5, 2013

the life of a spy

circa 1966, was not all martinis and hot babes.

A lesson Agent Xyz (real name: Alvin Pugh) had to learn.   Painfully.

Nevertheless, with his Navy SEALS training, his ten years of attending the MI5 summer camp (short-sheeting Kim Philby a record 42 times), plus coaching Mossad's Krav Maga team in the 1962 Spylympics, he's not through.  Not by a long shot.  

That guy next to him?  Sorry.  If I tell you who he is, I'll have to kill you.

Where they're headed next?

Who can say?