Monday, August 26, 2013

Renninger's Flea Market; Adamstown, PA - August 25, 2013

Hubs and I were set up at Renninger's yesterday, the idea being to raise $$$$ for our upcoming vacation.  

I remembered to bring my camera, so here's what you would have seen offered for sale yesterday (none of which is our stuff):

This neat chaise longue was in the same row as us. Very comfortable-looking.  I thought I heard the vendor quote somebody the price.  I forget what it was.  A couple hundred I think.  Did not include booster seat.

This table was across from the chaise lounge.  I was somewhat interested in the greenish Czecho vase (next to the orange and black one), seeing that it was only $15, but then I read the tag again and it said the vase had damage on the base.

Dig those beautiful beaded purses!

Here's the lady who made them.
(Yep, a REAL PERSON made them!)

Her name is Maria Weaver.

Lotsa neat photos there yesterday.

A much better than average $5 table.

Where's my wallet?? 

Is that cool or is THAT cool??

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