Monday, August 27, 2012

Emptying out my car

I'm not great with merch management, i.e. I often buy some awesome item, and then let it sit in my car for weeks - or months -- on end.  So last week, I began the emptying process.  Here's what came out:

from an auction I went to at least two months ago:

Brush Pottery teapot, creamer and sugar bowl

1920's art pottery bowl with flower frog

three milk glass daisy and button pattern shoes
compo horse bookends

Stuff from an auction I went to maybe six weeks ago:

circa 1915 jasperware box

circa 1900 pinback photo of pretty lady

From trips to different flea markets within the last two months:

antique door hardware

charming late 1940's juvenile print yardage

totally adorable Occupied Japan frog drummer

1930's framed needlepoint horses

1960's needlepoint poodle

From an auction I went to about three weeks ago

adorable papier mache egg

insanely cool 1960's insulated bag for keeping sandwiches and stuff cold

Super gorgeous faux peridots
And from last week's flea market visit:

divinely awesome tooled leather cosmetic case

late 1930's Hazel Atlas drink set

beautiful vintage charm bracelet, purchased from Dollar Boy.

There's actually MUCH more I pulled out of the car.  The above is just the beginning.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Yesterday while traveling a flea market, which I went to solely to find a dealer buddy who buys vintage clothing from me (got a TON of 1970's clothes, many with their original tags, at an auction a week ago).

Dealer buddy was nowhere to be found.

But what I did find were TIES.

Bought six really cool ones, from this one guy.

Here's them:

Beetle Bailey in cotton!  This is OLD, probably late 1960's/early '70s, not one of those retro dealies from the 1990's.

Joe Cool in polyester and silk.  This is also an oldie, not one of the later Peanuts ties.

Stripes with jangled nerves by Perry Ellis.  Perry's ties are my second favorite line; my first is Rooster.

1990 Nicole Miller effort, which reminds me that I have a whole box of ticket stubs from movies I attended in the 1980's.  Gotta find that and do something with it.

We all love penguins!  

And the beach!  We love that, too.
 I pay the guy and returned to strolling the market, only to come upon a WHOLE BOX OF VINTAGE TIES.  The seller lady says I can have all the ties, plus the box, which is one of those plastic ones with the double attached lid, for... well, the amount is so small it's embarrassing.  She, too, is a tie collector, but she's getting rid of her collection.  She'll be there with more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

the links


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