Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Your Daily Double or The Clock Is Ticking

Ticking... ticking... ticking... With every second that ticks by you're ever closer to when you're going to have to by Christmas presents, Hanukkah presents, Festivus presents.

Now, would you rather go to the mall and fight those horrendous...


And even if you go online to the mall store's websites, what you're gonna get your nears and dears is basically what everybody else is buying for their nears and dears.  

Now, how boring and unimaginative, and just plain wrong is that??

Which is why you should -- really should -- consider the unique and the awesome and the reasonably priced unique awesomeness of my Zazzle store:

  Now here's your Daily Double:

royally marvelous
 AND to be had on mouse pads -- mugs -- pendants -- jigsaw puzzles -- t-shirts -- printed napkins -- throw pillows (!) -- wall clocks -- skins/decals -- neckties -- wrapping paper aka gift wrap -- party plates -- keychains -- tote bags -- buttons -- notebooks and a BUNCH more!  Go to: and enter 'crown'

Sad, but adorable
Also heavily watermarked -- just for here, but not on the many must-have products in my Zazzle store.  (True fact: watermarks protect YOU from flying monkeys.)  

Our sad hippo -- soon to be cheered up by his friends -- is available on gift boxes -- notebooks -- throw pillows (!) -- mugs -- other kinds of boxes -- t-shirts -- tote bags -- aprons -- skins/decals -- tree ornaments -- ceramic tiles -- greeting cards, plus a few more stuffs.  Go to: and enter 'crying'

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Today will be a double double, because I missed yesterday.

(Also missed Saturday and, I believe, Friday.  Mia culpa.)

The Corticelli kitten is in the house!
 Kitty's on cloth napkins - trinket boxes -- wall clocks -- tote bags -- t-shirts -- phone cases -- notebooks -- scratch pads -- keychains -- mugs -- decals/skins, and MORE.  Go to: and enter 'Corticelli'

1920s playbill cover from the Broadway's Cort Theatre
 You -- yes, YOU -- can get the above on t-shirts -- decals/skins -- aprons -- tote bags -- mouse pads and neckties.  Go to: and enter 'Cort'

Next up, history's most attractive couch potato-ess.
 She's on keepsake boxes -- trinket boxes -- tote bags -- skins/decals -- jigsaw puzzles -- notebooks -- mugs -- keychains -- mouse pads -- wall clocks -- t-shirts and MORE.  Go to: and enter 'couch'

Lastly, but not leastly, we have a young cowpoke on shipboard.
You can get him (don't bother copying the above - he's heavily watermarked for your protection from flying monkeys) on... keepsake boxes -- t-shirts -- jigsaw puzzles -- plates -- playing cards -- wall clocks -- mouse pads -- stationery -- notebooks -- tote bags -- MORE!!  Go to:  and enter 'cowboy'

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Today is National Coffee Day, so you should RUN to your local Wawa for some free joe.

However, if you are so unfortunate as to not have a Wawa nearby (believe me, Wawa-free living IS unfortunate) , maybe you could find some free coffee elsewhere.

So to therefore appropriately celebrate the day -- in addition to going to Wawa -- our Tuesday Song of the Week is suitably caffeinated.

'The Coffee Song' - Frank Sinatra

Thursday, September 24, 2015

your Daily Double or 'Summer's Over, Start Your Holiday Shopping'

And what better place to start than my Zazzle store:

Today's offerings...
lovely canna flowers

and equally lovely Canterbury bells
Both of the above can be had on wrapping paper (aka gift wrap) - t-shirts - mugs - placemats - skins/decals - plates (like you eat off of) - neckties - throw pillows (!) - tote bags - keychains - buttons -- ornaments -- notebooks -- wall clocks -- phone cases - baby clothes -- ceramic tiles and MORE.   

To buy and/or purchase, go to: and enter either 'canna' or 'canterbury'

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We interrupt this blog

Actually, we're not experiencing difficulties of any sort, but I thought the above would get your much needed attention, because...

 auroch skeleton.  Aurochs were GIANT cattle; last one was seen in Poland in the 1600s.

Note, however, that this post is not about giant cows.

Nor it is about...
The Grass Roots, famous for 'Midnight Confession,' 'Sooner or Later,' 'Temptation Eyes,' and a bunch more.

And neither is it about the great hunky Scotsman, Robert the Bruce
Why are Scotsmen uniformly hunky?  Discuss.

Rather, it's that for you, me, everybody, it's time to donate a buck or ten to Wikipedia.

They got NO advertising, and yet they offer all of us abundant info on giant cows, old rock groups, famous hunky Scotsmen, as well as info on a gazillion other stuff.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

the Tuesday Song of the Week

*I'm certain you're wondering where the Daily Doubles went.  Well, I've been bo busy the last few days.  But maybe there will be one tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience.

Now on to what you came for:

History's Finest and Most Toe-Tappin' Pop Song About Martial Arts
'Kung Fu Fighting' - Carl Douglas

Thursday, September 17, 2015

your Daily Double or GET GET GETGETGET

A very happy Thursday to you!

Today we salute the military:
 WWII solders with a sweet, delicious, and bad for the teeth package from home.
You -- yes, YOU -- can get this awesome image on decals -- greeting cards -- neckties -- notebooks -- t-shirts -- mugs -- tote bags -- cloth napkins (!) --ceramic tiles -- wall clocks and MORE.  Go to and enter 'candy'

I guess their lawyers cautioned them against claiming Chesterfield was gonna win the war.
Nevertheless, a VERY cool ad featuring a member of the WWWII US Navy.  You can get Sailor Swabby on t-shirts -- greeting cards -- mouse pads -- tote bags.  Go to: and enter 'sailor'

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XXVIII

From a Lady's Maid to a young Tradesman

Philadelphia, August 12th, 18--

Dear Mr. .......:-- I feel very much pleased and flattered by the compliment you pay me in wishing me to become your wife.  My mistress is so kind to me, that I felt bound to confess to her that I was favorably disposed to your addresses, and she is willing not only to consent to my receiving your addresses, but promises to befriend us to the extent of her power.  

You are therefore at loberty to call at ...... sometimes, but we must take care not to trespass too much upon good nature.  Perhaps .... evening may suit you, as I shall then be disengaged; if so, write and tell me.  Meanwhile, believe me,

                                                               Yous very truly,

                                                                ..... ........

To Mr. ........

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

your Daily Double or Winter Is Coming

and with winter comes Christmas, and with Christmas comes Christmas shopping and with Christmas shopping comes frustration, angst, and parking difficulties.

But if you buy the rare and the awesome from my Zazzle store (and all I have in my Zazzle store are the rare and the awesome) you can avoid frustration, angst, and having to park.

Go here:

And now here's your daily double:
calla lilies  
You can get this lovely image on letterhead -- mouse pads -- mugs -- coasters -- keepsake boxes -- aprons -- tote bags -- gift boxes -- wall clocks -- puzzles -- stickers -- greeting cards -- notebooks -- and MORE.  Go to and enter 'calla'

Now for a bit of oldtime sleaze...
OK, Killer.
You can get the above on t-shirts -- decals/skins -- tote bags -- mouse pads -- aprons -- mugs -- playing cards -- greeting cards (!), and wrapping paper.  Go to: and enter 'killer'

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

your Daily Double or GET GET GET GETGETGETGET!!!

Here we go!
Calfornia poppy


Both of the above are on a wealth of stuff, including: tshirts -- neckties -- decals/skins -- wall clocks -- tote bags -- throw pillows (!) -- wrapping paper -- greeting cards -- notebooks -- mouse pads -- dinner plates -- mugs -- buttons and aprons.

Go to: and enter either 'calendula' or 'poppy' 

the Tuesday Song of the Week

This week we have a gem from the Golden Age of Swingin' TV Theme Songs.
Top Cat theme song

Monday, September 14, 2015

your Daily Double is BACK!!

You're thrilled, I'm sure.

So here's what we have:
businessmen doing business
 The above is available on decals/skins -- tote bags -- note pads -- printed napkins (perfect for the executive dining room!) -- t-shirts -- neckties -- greeting cards -- notebooks -- dart boards -- wall clocks -- mugs -- mouse pads and tote bags.  Go to:  and enter 'businessmen'

Buster Keaton is (update: no longer in *) the house!!
Zazzle regularly pulls stuff they think will get them in trouble, even if it's a 50+ year old ad featuring someone who died in 1966.  Interestingly, they only pull people they've heard of, and since I'm guessing most of their work force is made up of clueless millenials who spend more time looking at their phones than actually working, it's possible that a rare movie savvy individual got hired.  

Friday, September 4, 2015


Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day Weekend and Happy Whatever Else You Have to Be Happy About!!

 This is happy.

Now, the following might not make you happy, but it's probably no big deal in the universal scheme of things:
This is unhappy.

To wit: For the next 9 days, starting tomorrow, amma be MIA.  I will return to you on Monday, September 14.  Between now and then you *could* get oodles of entertainment and edification re-going over the rest of the blog, (much of which has other stuff -- LOTS of other stuff -- in addition to the Daily Doubles))  Or introducing your nears and dears to it.  Or whatever.  Your choice.

Now onto your Daily Double...
 'When a Feller Needs a Friend' one of the best things to do -- according to the experts -- is to buy a tin of pipe tobacco.  You can get the above on t-shirts -- skins/decals -- mugs -- tote bags -- greeting cards -- neckties -- notebooks -- mouse pads !!   Go to: and enter 'Briggs'

Now here's something very cool...
  A 19th century print of rare chickens.  I've lived my whole life near Bucks County, PA, and never heard of Bucks County fowls.  (Probably nobody in Bucks County -- at least today -- has heard of them either.)  You can get these beauties on all kinds of must-have stuff: t-shirts -- wrapping paper --- notepads -- trinket boxes -- skins/decals -- mugs -- greeting cards -- aprons -- hats -- tote bags!   Go to: and enter 'Bucks'

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XXVII

Letter XXVII
To a Young Journeyman, advising Caution

New York, September 13th, 18--

Dear .....:-- I had no idea you would have been so hasty as to have made a proposal to me within a few months after being out of your apprenticeship.  I cannot give you a positive denial, but I think that prudence requires some little delay, to enable you to realize those means of comfort which you as well as myself, I am sure, would feel the want of; and I believe they are more likely to be obtained by either of us while single.  If your love be as true as you profess, it will spur you on to the attainment of them, and you will not regret a slight, but useful delay.  I think, my dear ....., your own good sense will make you think as I do on the subject; and the better provision we make, before entering upon a mode of life which, in all probability, may be productive of a variety of expenses, however frugally we may manage, will be the most likely way to ensure our lasting happiness, and the approbation of those around us.  

Trusting shortly to see you, 

                                            I remain, my dear ....
                                                 Your most truly,
                                                      ..... ........

To...... ...... 

your Daily Double or GET GET GET and BE HAPPY

There's a verse in the Bible that reads, 'Which all your getting, get wisdom.'

You should also get some of the unique and awesome and rare stuff that's in my Zazzle store: .  Won't make you wise (well, maybe will.  I dunno.) but should go a long way vis-a-vis making you happy.  And/or someone else happy, who receives something -- or multiple somethings - you got for them.  

Now on to what you came for:

A lovely vaudeville performer, and her beautiful talking bird.
 You can get her on t-shirts -- mouse pads   skins/decals -- mugs -- tote bags -- greeting cards, and neckties.  Go to: and enter 'bird lady' 

Now we leave the sunny charm of the bird lady and enter the heart of darkness...
Is it BLACKMAIL?? Yep, I think so.  The above angsty, agida-laden image is available on t-shirts -- coasters -- notebooks -- letterhead -- mouse pads -- mugs -- tote bags -- wall clocks -- buttons -- greeting cards -- phone cases -- greeting cards -- ceramic tiles and MORE.   Go to:  and enter 'blackmail' 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

your Daily Double or GET GET GET SOME SOME SOME

Felicitations of the day to one and all.

Here's today's double:

Continuing with the 'Big' theme (started by yesterday's mammoth Plymouth),
here we have Mom and Susie and their VERY big refrigerator.
 Maybe not big for today, but definitely huge for 1950-whatever.  The fridge my parents had when I was a wee one could only have held about a third of what you see above. (I cried when they got rid of that refrigerator, because I thought they were hurting its feelings by getting rid of it. I was a very sensitive kid.)  You can get Mom, Susie and their refrigerator on skins/decals -- tote bags -- mugs -- t-shirts -- mouse pads -- greeting cards -- ceramic tiles -- gift boxes -- trinket boxes -- aprons -- napkins, and wrapping paper.  Go to:  and enter 'refrigerator'  Note that another fridge image will also pop up, but that one's equally cool and desirable.

Next, a lady from around 1906 wearing either a hat or a lampshade.  (My guess is hat.)  
You can get her on skins/decals -- mugs -- t-shirts -- neckties -- tote bags, and greeting cards.  Go to: and enter 'circa 1906' 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

your Daily Double or Awesomeness on Parade

Happy Tuesday, and here's what we got:

At least once in your restaurant-going experience, 
 you've probably had your meal ruined by the squalling of someone's demon spawn.  

But what if they had restaurants just for babies, where they could ruin one another's meals with their appalling noise?  Well, guess what, somebody already had that idea, which explains the above.  The all-baby restaurant appears on notebooks -- dinner plates -- cloth napkins -- placemats -- coasters (buy 'em together!) -- jigsaw puzzles -- skins/ decals -- tote bags -- t-shirts -- phone cases -- aprons, and TONS MORE!  Go to: and enter 'baby restaurant'

Next up, Mom and Dad's MAMMOTH
Plymouth!  (Say that three times real fast: mammoth Plymouth.)

This behemothically huge vehicle is available on wrapping paper aka gift wrap -- t-shirts -- neckties -- mouse pads -- mugs -- greeting cards, and skins/decals.  Go to: and enter 'BIG Plymouth'

the Tuesday Song of the Week

It ain't over 'til it's over.

The 'it' I'm referring to?


Summer is NOT over when school reopens.  

Summer ends somewhere in the third week thereof.

Thereof and therefore, peeps, it's STILL summer.

And so we got...
'On the Beach' - Chris Rea