Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XXVIII

From a Lady's Maid to a young Tradesman

Philadelphia, August 12th, 18--

Dear Mr. .......:-- I feel very much pleased and flattered by the compliment you pay me in wishing me to become your wife.  My mistress is so kind to me, that I felt bound to confess to her that I was favorably disposed to your addresses, and she is willing not only to consent to my receiving your addresses, but promises to befriend us to the extent of her power.  

You are therefore at loberty to call at ...... sometimes, but we must take care not to trespass too much upon good nature.  Perhaps .... evening may suit you, as I shall then be disengaged; if so, write and tell me.  Meanwhile, believe me,

                                                               Yous very truly,

                                                                ..... ........

To Mr. ........

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