Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Miss Ivy requests

that the Food Lady PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get central air.

Ever since daily temps rose above 80 degrees, Miss I. Spivington has spent the bulk of her time stretched out under her favorite chair.

(It's her favorite because she has spent many busy hours trying to tear it apart.  Evidence of her labors is visible to the upper right of her tail.)  

When situated elsewhere, her stretched-out position not only keeps her cool, but also affords the Food Lady easy access to Miss I's furry tummage.   

This, Ivy agrees, is the only upside to the hot weather, since there are few things she enjoys more than a good tummy rub.

Lest you think...

...that all I'm doing is luxuriating in my new status as ex-old maid crazy cat lady turned newly married crazy cat lady, know this:

I'm back at my work of finding finds for you to look at and stuff.  

Such as:
Ultra-charming German toothpick holder circa 1900.  Found during the first leg of my honeymoon.  

(Just so you know, we're doing a 3-part Cape May honeymoon, returning for a few days in August and also in September.)

And howza 'bout this?
 A luscious little piece of flow blue from, of all places, Quaker City flea market.  Although it looks like a good size charger, it's actually only 9" wide or so.

And then there's this:

Another Quaker City item, and the most darling find in the year so far. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I got married in the morning...

and it went beautifully.

The weather was absolutely, positively, and utterly perfect

And everyone had a good time.

Wanna see us?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm getting married in the morning...

In fact, this coming Saturday morning at 10:00 am on the beach in Cape May.

Well, that's if I don't totally lose my marbles between now and then. 

from the steampunk haberdasher

...come these cufflinks made from wristwatch entrails.  

You must remember this...

a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh...

But an incredibly rare relic of old Hollywood is something special.
Now, there's a remote possibility that it has bupkis to do with the movie, and that a soldier picked it up IN Casablanca, since Morocco was invaded by the Allies in November of 1942. 

However, I much prefer to think that it had something to with Rick and Ilsa and Victor Lazlo.  

Then again my opinion doesn't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm with him

Is that you??

Found a whole box of these at an auction.  They're all heavy strong paper (so you could wear one all day), and are perfect for when you don't have enough time to finish your morning grooming routine. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's for you. Again.

In a lovely shade of Yellow Pages yellow!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

rainbows plural

TWO rainbows for one money!! (That's auction talk).  The brighter one much, MUCH brighter in person.  

This happened around 7:00 pm this past Saturday and, if you were in the part of Northeast Philly close to the Delaware River, you'd have seen it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Angel Zweehavherdonhi, the happily flirtatious Christmas pig.

Hamhocks O'Gooley, a 'businessman' and all around operator.

Sylvie Sweyen, glamour on four hooves.

Horstense Happihogg, the ultra-loveable pig next door.
 Mimsy May McMurchison, the farmer's daughter's best pal. 
U.C.N. Biastarr, famous for the hit '(If You're Going to Roll Around in a Sty Near San Francisco) Wear Some Rosebuds on Your Back'


Just Vivi.

I don't even know if this is her real name, or if she took it because she looks a lot like...

Wait for it...