Saturday, February 28, 2015

I'm baaaaaack !

My ten-day whatsis is over, and I'm back with all manner of neat stuff, including...

a scarifying gorilla

and even scarier,

rats, bats, and spiders

Thursday, February 19, 2015


As you may have noticed, most of what you're getting these days is the Daily Double.

That's simply not good enough.

So, I propose to take the next 10 days off, and upon my return you will be treated to all the wonderful wonderfulness you've come to expect from the Full Service Bohemian.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

the Tuesday Song of the Week

On the Full Service Bohemian-al calender, February 14 (aka Valentine's Day) is the first day of Spring.

And the first day of Spring, means, among other things, ELO, History's GREATEST rock band, bar none.

'Sweet Talkin' Woman' - Electric Light Orchestra

Monday, February 16, 2015

Your Daily Double or GET THIS!!!! GET THIS!!!!

Hello, hello again!

For today's Daily Double, we have...

A very happy, very playful elephant.

And flyboys!
Either US Air Force or maybe they're Navy fliers.  You be the judge.

Both our pachyderm-ial friend and the flyboys are on all kinds of neat stuff, including decals, notebooks, gift wrap, apparel, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Go to, and in the 'Search This Store' box, enter either 'flyboys,' or 'elephant'

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Your Daily Double or GET THIS!!!!

Today is Valentine's Day, and so thus and therefore, we shall have a romantic theme.

Lovers in Love

A pretty bride

The above are available on a wealth of neat stuff, including notebooks, and notepads, and apparel and mugs and tons more!  Go to, and in the 'Search This Store' box, enter 'love' and/or 'bride'


Yes, it's a fob of some sort.  

A watch fob, I'm guessing.  I'm just puzzled as to the watch goes.

This part's marked 'STERLING,' but I don't know about the rest of it.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Your Daily Double or GET THIS!!! Get This!!!

First up,

Prince Jimmy of Newjerseyia.
It's rare to get such a candid image of His Royal Highness on his throne, but get it we did.  
It's not well-known, but he took himself out of the line-up for King of Newjerseyia in 1946, in order to train to be a steamfitter.

Prince Jimmy appears on all sorts of wonderful and needful items.  Go to, and in the 'Search This Store' box, enter 'confident'  (I have him listed as 'confident boy.'  since I didn't want to offend the palace.

There's something about Larry.

What, I have no idea.  

Maybe you do.

Maybe you don't.

Maybe no one does, including Larry.  

Sometimes, that's just the way it is.

In any case, the above image is available on a bunch of stuff you might sorely need, like notepads, and cards, and notebooks, and trinket boxes, and tshirts, and tote bags, etc. etc.  Go to, and enter 'Larry'

Remember the fun we had in Trenton?

circa 1905?

I actually kind of like Trenton.  It has good thrift stores, and I was once a member of Trenton's (professional!) Magnet Theatre Company.  Which didn't last very long, because Trenton is not known for anything other than being the capital of New Jersey.  I don't even think Harrisburg, which is usually Number 1 in the lists of culture-free state capitals, has less going on than Trenton.  

There's some wonderful housing stock there, and if they could just get it gentrified or more jobs or whatever, it would be a nice place to live.  I think.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Your Daily Double or GET THIS!! GET THIS!!

Bessie is having dinner for eight.

Might you be invited?

After dinner...
Little Betty Jean and Waldo will be doing the dishes.

Both of the above appear on all sorts of items necessary for your joy and happiness, including mugs, tshirts, boxes, decals, clocks, notebooks. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

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The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XXVIII

To an Aunt urging a Visit
(I'm missing a few pages, i.e. letters XXIV to XXVII.  They should turn up soon.  I hope.)

Sheenfield, 2nd September, 18--

My Dear Aunt:-- You have often said that you would pay us a visit, and I hope that now the weather is so fine you will keep your word.

Mamma and Papa say they have asked you again and again, and that perhaps you would be persuaded to come if I wrote and invited you, and I do hope, my dear aunt, that you will not refuse me.  

We have a very pretty cottage and a beautiful garden; and the bedroom you would sleep in looks out on the sea, of which you are so fond.

There are a great many pretty walks in the neighborhood, and I could take you to them, for I know them all.  

Now, my dear aunt, do you put off our pleasure any longer, but write at once and say you are cmonig.  This will very much delight us all, and none more so than

                                                               Your affectionate niece,

                                                                         ........   ...........

you gotta hand it

A neater than average way to keep your funds together
It's a money clip!  Signed 'Mr. X,' who for some reason is not OR Googleable.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Your daily double or GET THIS!!!

He's a dog man, she's a cat lady!
 What can we expect? Fur flying?  Dishes breaking?  Tears and recriminations?

Nope.  It's all good.  

The above two images appear on a wealth of stuff: tshirts, mugs, decals, and oodles more. 

Go to, and in the box marked 'Search This Store' enter 'dog man.'

the Tuesday Song of the Week

I'm so sorry that the Tuesday Song of the Week was not posted on Tuesday.

I've been insanely busy.

Anyway, here it is:
"Mercy Mercy Mercy" - The Buckinghams

Last week the hubs and I went to a jazz piano concert featuring the guy the hubs takes piano lessons from.  The teacher, Mark Brown.  played this song, which actually began life as a 100% instrumental.  (You can tell, because 'Mercy Mercy Mercy' is not in the lyric.)

Here's the piano teacher's  website:

In a little more than a year, he's been able to turn my husband from a horrible piano player to a marginally inept piano player.  In another year, I'm expecting he'll be ready for Carnegie Hall.

Johnson Brothers 'Eastbourne'

Got a bunch of examples of this lovely dishware at the Sal last week.

Also, left a lot of pieces behind, because it was apparent that someone had run them through the dishwasher one time too many, and the decals had just about faded completely.

So I only took the pieces that had an undisturbed design.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Your daily double aka GET THIS!! GET THIS!!

Today's your Lucky day!

Because a) it's a triple, and b) they're all old Lucky Strike ads.

All of the above are available on tshirts, cards, clocks, mugs, decals, wall art, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. and in the 'Search This Store' box, enter 'Lucky'

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Your daily double or GET THIS!! GET THIS!!

A happy Saturday to everyone!

Now onto our stuff.

Well, no.  Just wanted you to know that next week there will be lots more non-Zazzle stuff.  But there will also be Zazzle.  And maybe even The Lady's Letter-Writer.  

NOW, on to the double...

Here's lovely, sweet Elsie the Cow and her daughter, little Beulah,
 Apparently, it's cake time.
It should ALWAYS be cake time.

And here's some mucho macho cargo guy.

Both Elsie and Cargo Guy are available on a ton of stuff, including t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, decals, clocks, plates, and oodles more.

Go to, and in the 'Search this store' box, enter either 'Elsie' or 'cargo.'

Friday, February 6, 2015

Your daily double or GET THIS!! GET THIS!!

Today is 'A Day'

1920s Arrow shirt ad

Aztecs !

Available on mugs and tshirts and notebooks and cards and neckties and gift wrap and all kinds of other must-have stuff!

Go to, and either enter 'Arrow' or 'Aztec' in the 'Search This Shop' box.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Your daily double or GET THIS!!!

Still haven't been able to find 'The Lady's Letter-Writer,' but I know it's here somewhere.

Now onto your daily double:

The sublime...
Believe it or not, this beautiful image began life as part of a beer ad.

And the ridiculous...
Not surprisingly, the above was part of a cereal ad.

Both the bluebird and the kids are available on all sorts of things: boxes, wrapping paper aka giftwrap, apparel, cards, clocks, mugs, aprons, etc. etc. etc.

For the kids, go to, and in the 'Search this store' box,  enter 'kids.'  (these and other kids will pop up.)  For the bluebird, enter 'bird.'  More birds will also pop up, which is nice.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Your Daily Double aka GET THIS!!!

Sorry to have missed the daily double yesterday.  

I'm going coo coo bananas trying to work my regular antique-dealing dealie, getting the Zazzle shop going, working on a book that's almost finished (YAY), plus all the home-related work, like cat management, vacuuming, and overall house de-revulsionizing.

Not your problem, obviously.  I'll try to do better.

And now for what you came for...

Today's theme is kittens!
 Kittens should be everyday's theme, everywhere.

Observe the slinky dinky pulp kitten.

Go to my Zazzle store:, and enter 'Kitten' in the 'Search This Store box, and a wealth of wonderfulness will pop up: mugs, tshirts, notebooks, cards, dart boards, aprons, clocks, etc. etc. etc. etc. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

the Tuesday Song of the Week

This is more correctly 'the Tuesday Piece of Music of the Week.'

From From Russia with Love...

YouTube calls this '007 Takes The Lektor'

I saw the movie for the first time only in the last few years, but I've known this piece of music, like, forever.  It used to be the theme for Eyewitness News (one of the three local news shows in the City of Bothersome Love.)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Your daily double or GET THIS!! GET THIS!!

It's Men's Day here on The Full-Service Bohemian.  (Tuesday will be Ladies' Day.  Same as it is where I get my car washed).

The many phases of of shaving.  
 This lathery graphic appears on mugs, decals, attire, and more. Go to, and in the 'Search this store' box enter 'shaving.'

True fact: the world has a face and two hands, and wears a bowtie.  Above is the proof.

The above is available on coasters, dinner plates, cards, decals, apparel, mugs, etc. etc. etc. Go to, and in the box marked 'Search This Store' enter 'globe.'

Note that on Zazzle, there aren't any watermarks.