Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XXVI

 Letter XXVI
Another, to a Proposal of immediate Marriage

Williamsburg, June 2, 18--

Dear .....: I am, I can assure you, quite as anxious for our union as you can be, but I feel that prudence is necessary.  We are both young, myself especially, and it is of no use for us to rush into a state of life which we would not have the means of supporting.  Should you be so fortunate as to obtain the situation of which Mr. ...... has held out hopes, we shall be able to marry without fear, as I can always earn something (state employment) , and hope to be as industrious as a wife ought to be.  Do not think that it is any coldness that makes me object to our immediate happiness; it is only prudence that makes me wish to spare ourselves the risk of that poverty, which too often leads to dissipation and misery on both sides.  We have seen so many sad examples, that I am sure you will take in good part these words from

                                                                         Your faithful,

                                                                                    ... ........

To:  ..... ......

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

the Tuesday Song of the Week

A song I completely forgot, until something unrelated sparked my memory.  A VERY cool example of early 1980s New Wave:

'Soul Train' - Swans Way

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XXV

Letter XXV
To a Man at Service

HAMMOND STREET, Saturday 12, 18--

Dear....: I received your kind letter of the, and am happy to hear that you are in health, and giving satisfaction to your employer.  I look forward with anxiety to the day when we shall be united forever, and when I enjoy the protection of an honest and persevering husband.  

Continue to go on as you have done, and assure yourself of the constant affection of

                                                                              ....... ....

To: ...... ........

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Sometimes a cover version is waaay better than the original.

Such as what we have today, which totally -- and I mean totally! -- swings.

'A World without Love' - Bobby Rydell

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Lady's Letter-Writer IS BACK!! Letter XXIV

Letter XXIV
(for some reason, the letters in the book have the wrong numbers, i.e. Letter XXIII is followed by the letter below, which is numbered in the book Letter XXL.  But I'm giving it the correct number, because I care.)
On a Clandestine Meeting

Williamsburg, May 1, 18--

Dear ...: Although my own conscience tells me that anything like clandestine conduct should be avoided, still I feel that we are most unhappily placed, and that the undue opposition on the part of my aunt, in seeking to force upon me a man whom I dislike, excuses to some extent what I cannot justify.

Would that we could both act uprightly, and cherish an honorable attachment (such as I feel yours to be) without restraint!  A few months more, however, will see me mistress of my own fortune and liberty, and then there will be no further need of concealment.

I shall be walking ..... at ..... o'clock, when we shall perhaps gain an opportunity of a few minutes' conversation.

Hoping sincerely that fairer prospects may yet arise for both of us, believe me,


                                                                    Ever affectionately yours,

                                                                      .............. .....

To:..... ........

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

the Tuesday Song of the Week

I first heard this a hundred years ago on SCTV, where the Boomtown Rats were guesting.


'Never in a Million Years' - the Boomtown Rats

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Always return to the Lord...

'Full Force Gale' - Van Morrison