Saturday, January 31, 2015

your daily double aka GET THIS!!

Scotsmen are famous for hunting out the best and the cheapest.  What they're not known for is doing it while carrying firearms.  

 MacDuff is available on all kinds of neat stuff, including attire, cards, pet name tags, decals, notebooks, cards, etc., etc, etc.  Go to and in the 'search this store' box,, enter 'Scot'

Lord and Lady Speedsticke are in the house!

These highly regarded members of the nobility are available on coasters, cards, stickers, attire, dart boards, clocks, and lots more.  

Go to, and in the 'search this store' box,, enter 'lord'  'Lady' will also work.

Note that I'm going to be taking Sundays off, so your next daily double will be posted Monday through Saturday.  At least, most of the time.


Isn't this pretty?
Even though it's from Portugal, and my antiques-dealing associates are always dissing Portuguese pottery.

Friday, January 30, 2015

your daily double or GET THIS!!!!

First, let me apologize for not posting a letter from The Lady's Letter-Writer yesterday. The book is MIA, but hopefully it will turn up soon.

Now, onto what you came for:

Only in the 1920s were tire advertisements this attractive.  The above is EXTRA-special. 

How come?  Because it was the back advertisement in the playbill for the 1927 Broadway production of Dracula starring Bela Lugosi.  (i.e. years before he starred in the movie.)

The graphic is available on mugs -- coasters -- hats -- napkins -- neckties -- pillows (and lots other man cave stuff) -- kitchen towels -- fleece blankets -- magnets -- greeting cards -- t-shirts -- and a BUNCH BUNCH more.  Go to, and in the 'Search this store' box, enter 'tire' 

Here's another very special one.
Not only does Erma have a 15" waist, and is attempting to cook wearing 4" heels, she also has a double oven/stove dealie.

Sure, it's not Dracula-related, but it's cool nevertheless.  

The graphic is on greeting cards -- tote bags -- mugs -- hats -- mouse pads -- decals, t-shirts -- throw pillows -- magnets -- buttons -- kitchen towels -- cutting boards -- notebooks -- fleece blankets -- coasters -- placemats -- and MORE MORE.  Go to and in the 'Search this store' box, enter 'oven'

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Your daily double or GET THIS!!

Today is children's day!

This is the adorable Baby Mortimer (aka 'Spike')
 He's on all sorts of things including cards, mugs, tshirts, neckties, notebooks, wrapping paper, mousepad, etc. etc. etc.
Go to, and in the 'Search this store' box, enter 'baby.'

These two scamps are making a prank phone call.*
"Do you have Prince Albert in a can?"

*In the City of Bothersome Love, the term is 'crank phone call.'  Either is correct.

The kids are available on mugs, notepads, luggage tags, trinket boxes, cards, tshirts, and a buncha buncha more stuff.  

 Go to and in the 'Search this Shop' box, enter 'Prince,' Or Albert; either will do.

oh, man

WHAT a cool 1950s shirt.

ok, I get that it looks not good on my mannequin, but there's not much I can do.

 nifty detail
 Remember when things were made in the USA?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

your daily double AKA Get This!!!!

Murder's afoot.

Pulp murder, to be specific.

Both are available on all kinds of stuff, including mugs and shirts and wrapping paper and cards and notebooks, and what and what.  Go to and in the 'Search this store' box, enter 'pulp.'

nip head

Ivy Spivington hasn't appeared on the blog in ages, but I thought you'd like to see what she looks like after a particularly intense catnip event.

Embarrasing, no?

latest ashtrays

Actually, there's about five latest ashtrays, but I could only find three (my car is currently packed to the gills).

Anyway, here you are:

The National Hotel, Hummelstown, PA
Joe & Josephine
here's a link that will show you what it looked like:
 'Pizza pie at all times.'  
That should be true of every hotel and restaurant in the entire world.

Nissley Bottled Gas, Ephrata, PA
No info available on the 'net about this business, but if you go to* and enter Nissley +Ephrata, lots of stuff pops up. 

Palace Furniture, Clarksburg, WV
No longer in biz, but the folks in Clarksburg have been working to keep the building away from the wrecking ball.

*Google is for chumps.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Don't let the snow ruin your day!

'Whenever God Shines His Light' - Van Morrison and Cliff RIchard

your daily double aka GET THIS!!!

Love is in the air !

Including this arresting image

Isn't it romantic?

Both designs are available on cards, mugs, notebooks, neckties, wrapping paper aka gift wrap, tshirts, etc. etc. etc.

Go to, and in the 'Search this shop' box, enter either 'police' or 'romantic'

Obviously, both here are watermarked, but not on Zazzle.  Just so ya know.


Direct from late 1960s Hawaii to you !!

TWO pieces 

nifty halter top

Fantastic palazzo pants (aka 'elephant pants') with hems measuring a full 35 inches!

In the Etsy store:

Monday, January 26, 2015

your daily double AKA GET THIS!!

Sorry I was MIA yesterday, but it was Sunday and Sunday is a day of rest.

It's also a day of having loads of things to do, plus going to church.

So, anyway, today is car day, and because I missed doing this yesterday, you're getting a triple today, rather than a double..

 the way cool, and not at all streamlined 1941 Nash.

the equally all that 1941 Plymouth

The oh so mahvelous 1959 Edsel.

All of the foregoing are available on mugs, tshirts, boxes, tote bags, cards. etc. etc. etc. etc.

To buy and see same, go to and in the 'Search this shop_ box, enter either 'Nash' or 'Plymouth' or 'Edsel.'


SUPER well-made

and oozing with donkey-al appeal.

Wanna buy?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

your daily double AKA GET THIS!!

More of the awesome from my Zazzle store!

An adorable little yellow chick who works as a barnyard illustionist.

or magician.

Either is correct.

The graphic is on mugs, mouse pads, cards, apparel of all kinds, and a whole bunch more!

Do you have anything this cute in your home???  (other than a kitten or puppy)  Probably not.

Go here:, and in the 'Search This Store' box, and enter 'chick' (you don't need the punctuation).

Onto something just as cute, but a tad more unique, i.e.

A hippopotamus in a party hat!!

OR, if you prefer, a hippo in a party hat.

This awesome image (heavily watermarked here for your protection; not watermarked on Zazzle) is available on apparel and neckties, wrapping paper, cards, notebooks, napkins, etc. etc. etc. 

Go here:, and in the 'Search This Store' box, and enter 'hippo' (you don't need the punctuation).

1970s WILD

 shearling hat.
 You can find tons of early 70s photos of big international stars - including Elizabeth Taylor and Romy Schneider and Capucine - wearing the exact same style hat.

This one's in almost 100% original condition (only the label is a bit worn).

Wanna get?

Go here:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Get this! Get this!

Two MORE mahvelous graphics from my Zazzle dealie:

Bad comb, awesome graphic.  On mugs, hats, cards, notebook, etc. etc. etc.  None of which have the watermark that you see here.  Which is nice.

Go here:, and in the 'Search This Store' box, and enter 'comb' (you don't need the punctuation).

Now, you have to admit that this one is REALLY cool.  Who is that handsome mystery man?  And where did he get that neat tie?

He's on boxes, cards, shirts, mugs, and a bunch more stuff, perfect for gifting, and also getting.

Go here:, and in the 'Search This Store' box, and enter 'mystery (you don't need the punctuation).

history's most charming...

toothpick holder.

with a sailboat!

and a nifty handle!

Wanna buy?

The Four Seasons

In Mid-Century Modern glass tray form!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XXIII

Letter XXIII
A female Servant to her Suitor

Elizabethport, Jan. 3rd, 18--

Dear...:-- I am very happy to receive your kind letter, and to hear that you are doing so well.  My mistress is so satisfied with me that she has increased my wages, besides making me a handsome present of clothes.  I am in hopes that, with care and economy, we may both save us something, and not start into married life, as many do, without a farthing to help us.

As my mistress kindly permits me to go out on Sunday afternoon, I shall hope to meet you as usual at .... , till when,

                                           I remain, 

                                              Your affectionate,

                                                    ........  ..........

To: ... .....

Get this, too!

Your daily (Zazzle) double is here:

First, this bright red, utterly delicious tomato...
 a refugee from a 1940s magazine advertisement.

It comes on tshirts, boxes, cards, and a bunch more, all sans watermark.  (Unlike the above, which is watermarked for your protection).

Go here:, and in the 'Search This Store' box, and enter 'tomato' (you don't need the punctuation).

Next up, everybody's favorite whatever he was, Little Johnny!

Here he expresses his opinion that 'My job's a picnic.'
We got him on mugs, tshirts, cards, mouse pads, necktie, etc. etc. etc., all free of watermarks, unlike the above.

Go here:, and in the 'Search This Store' box, and enter 'my job' (you don't need the punctuation).


In silk!

Isn't it simply mahvelous?
Yes, I believe it is.

All hail

the king bank.

 His Highness needs money for the kingdom.

His highness is very pale, as are his attendants.

Your contributions may be put into the slot in the back of his whatever it is.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Get this! again

Another reminder of the joy, beauty, and overall awesomeness you can expect from my Zazzle shop.  

Here are our two daily designs:

The above is the undisputed Cutest Dog Illustration Ever.  It's available on mugs, tiles, cards, shirts and some other cool cool stuff.

The version here is watermarked for your protection, but the products on Zazzle with his image are watermark-free.

Go here: , and in the 'Search This Store' box, and enter 'terrier dog' (you don't need the punctuation).

Next up, a neat vintage tanning whatsis ad, featuring a model who looks quite a bit like Susan Hayward.

It's not.  She was already in Hollywood when this 1940s ad ran.

You can get this charmer on decals/skins - t-shirts, sweat skirts, and beaters - boxes of various kids -- playing cards -- tote bags -- backpacks (also back packs) -- watches -- wallets -- mugs -- neckties -- greeting cards -- magnets -- throw pillows (!) -- notebooks and 3-ring binders -- throw blankets (which look fabuloso with the pillows) -- wall clocks -- party napkins (perfect for pool party!!) -- kitchen towels -- and a whole bunch more.  All free of watermarks, unlike the image above.

Go here:, and in the 'Search This Store' box, and enter 'Gaby' (again, yyou don't need the punctuation).

Bucks County

in fabric form!

A WHOLE BOLT of linen with a wealth of Bucks County, PA motifs.  

Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but if you're interested, the whole bolt is $400 + shipping.  Or if you're local, I'll deliver.

Keywords for your entertainment and edification: Bucks County print, novelty print fabric, Bucks County linen, Bucks County fabric

little girl, baby kitty

 Isn't this adorable?

baby kitties make for excellent baby doll substitutions*
The above is marked "Pat" in script under the chair, with a date of 1958.  I've seen a doll with her face, but I haven't been able to come up with an example online, since searching "Pat" +doll hasn't brought up anything useful.

*I got my first kitten a month or so before I turned age 8.  Naturally, being a little girl myself, I would dress her in doll clothes, and push her around in my doll coach.  She was very tolerant.  Her name was Cuddles, and in her 15 years of life, she became the greatest cat in human history.