Wednesday, January 7, 2015

shout out from the Golden Age of

Earth Tones,

i.e. the early 1970s.
these are, believe it or don't, candle holders

When I was a kid, I knew people whose homes* were decorated in brown and gold,
or rust (and sometimes eye-searing orange) and tan.

The house I bought, in which zilch had been changed since Richard Nixon's first term, had an avocado and harvest gold decor.  I still have the avocado rugs, and the appalling wallpaper, but the harvest gold stove was replaced three or four years ago.

Another popular style in my nabe was (bo kitchy) Spanish.  Everything black and red, lots of wrought iron, and bulls and bullfighter stuff on the walls.

Then there was the Italianate version, which was all WAY over the top lamps and furniture, inspired by the styles of one of the more insane branches of the Medici family.  At least the colors were nice.

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