Friday, October 31, 2014


 Complete Pan Experience

He's got his pipes, he's got his hooves, he's got his horns and his billygoat beard. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XII

Letter XII

A Lady sending her Miniature to her Suitor

                                                                       Boston, July 11th, 18--

Dear Sir:-- Accept my very best thanks for your kind inquiries regarding my health, which I am happy to say is as good as usual.  My thoughts often recur to the happy hours which we have passed together -- hours which I have thought have passed like minutes, so full where they of the pleasure which I ever feel in your company.  While I feel that my personal pretensions are but humble, I believe that you will be pleased with the enclosed miniature, the view of which, in my absence, may call to your mind a remembrance of me.  While I feel that the likeness is a rather flattering one, still, should it but serve to bring me to your remembrance, the skill of the artist will not have been exercised in vain.  Pray accept it as a friendly momento from

                                                   (                         )

                                                           My dear sir, 
                                                                    Ever sincerely yours,

To...., Esq.

tie bars tie clips tie stuff

A WHOLE bunch !!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Now for the last of this month's theme: stuff I heard at the hairdresser's as a 4 to 6 year old, waiting for mom's 'do to get done:

'Stormy' - the Classics IV

antiquarian books !

I'm getting rid of some of my hub'ses books, plus some I found here and also there.

The above I found on somewhere on a thrift run.  I've always thought that Edith Piaf was France's answer to Judy Garland.

A GREAT book on the Mexican revolution with equally great photos.
True fact: my grandfather, who was in the Army, went into Mexico around 1912 to (according to the photo I have of his unit) engage in knocking heads.

Now this is something special!
First edition, SIGNED by the author, Gifford Pinchot, and heavily illustrated.

Mr. Pinchot was the very first Chief of the US Forest Service AND he was governor of Pennsylvania twice.  Somehow he found time to travel the South Seas and right this VERY interesting book.

R.S Germany hair receiver

For receiving hair!

YOUR hair

And then the idea is that you make jewelry from your hair.

As you do.

sexy devils

1960s sexy swizzlesticks, devilishly appealing.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XI

Letter XI

Complaining of not receiving a Letter

St. Louis, May 2nd, 18--

Dear ....:-- No letter again!  You are really growing intolerably negligent, and I shall begin to think that you are getting tired of me, and that some new attraction is in the field.  Knowing how anxious I am respecting your health and welfare, I am sure you will give me the credit of not writing from idle jealousy, although I really feel grieved and anxious at your unusual neglect.

I have no news just at present -- indeed, I am too much out of spirits to write at any great length.  Pray hasten to remove all doubt from the mind of one whose thoughts, day and night, are upon you only.

                                                  Your affectionate,

To ...., Esq.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Yet another from my 'waiting for mom at the hairdresser's' memories:

'Windy' - The Assocation

I haven't heard this in ages, and thus didn't really appreciate what a fantastic song this is.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter X

Letter X

On Receiving Birth-day Congratulations
(YAY.  No more 'some guy proposed marriage the day after he met me' letters.)

Kingston, July 5th, 18--,

My Dear...: -- If anything could compensate for your absence from me yesterday it is the charming, kind letter in which you poured out your thoughts so fervently.  I have read, and read, and cried over it, till I begin to believe that there is even a degree of painfulness in feeling oneself beloved.  We had, in all other respects, a delightful day.  My friends here make so much of me, that I am afraid I shall be spoilt by over-indulgence.  We were engaged in a pic-nic the whole of the afternoon, and came home heartily tired.  This, however, did not prevent a great deal of music and singing in the evening, and it was .... o'clock before we parted.  I have little news to convey to you-- indeed our letters are so frequent, that they almost anticipate events.  I trust that you are getting on well with your Hartford work, and that the next Commemoration will see you a Bachelor of Arts instead of a sleeveless under-graduate.

My aunt, Mr. and Mrs. ...., and all here unite in their kindest regards, and with sincere gratitude for your constant tenderness and affectionn,

                                                          Believe me,
                                                                Your ever loving and faithful

                                                                          ...... .........

To ....., Esq.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

He's an Egyptian

or rather, these is Egyptian.

Got 'em from Dollar Boy.  (Look way back in the misty history of this blog for info about Dollar Boy.)

flying tigers

I got these patches in a box lot (as in from an auction).
Aren't they neat?

True fact: I once dated a doofus who pronounced 'tiger' as 'tagger.'

hefty Westmoreland

Found this beauty yesterday:

 It's almost shockingly large (at least for a Westmoreland item)
 and it weighs about a quarter of what my car weighs.
I'm exaggerating, of course, but it is VERY heavy.

Keywords for your entertainment and edification: Westmoreland milk glass, Westmoreland pattern 109.

Don't sweat it...

'cause we got sweaters!

Beautiful sweaters!!

Vintage sweaters!!!

HIDEOUS Christmas sweaters!!!!

 1980s beaded beautifulness
as in never worn 

GLAM Italian sweater

ESCADA is in the house!

So are adorable dogs!

circa 1960 rhinestone and soutache sweater girl sweater

UGLY Christmas sweater

HIDEOUS Christmas sweater

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Last week I mentioned that October was gonna be all Songs I Heard in the Hairdressers Having Been Dragged There by My Mother When I Was Little and She Was Getting her 'Do Done.

Now, the following I can't hear without thinking about sitting in the hairdressers:
'What Does It Take (to Win Your Love)' - Junior Walker and the All-Stars

1880s baby...


Here's a pitchur of the pitcher:

cute, no?

Friday, October 10, 2014

I got the blues.

The blues, as in...

The Basin Street Blues


Sugar Blues
Double sided picture disk from circa 1950, from the Goodwill Outlet.

Mother Goose prints

Was back at the Goodwill Outlet today, where I found a copy of the 1915 Volland edition of Mother Goose.  The real 1915 deal, not the reprint!

(I found a bunch of other stuff, too, but this was the best.)

Lovely lovely lovely prints...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter IX

Letter IX

Another, to an old Acquaintance, on the Grounds of Poverty
(Just when you thought we'd finally run out of versions of Letter I...)

Albany, October 5, 18--


To say that I do not feel pleased and flattered at your proposal, would be to tell a useless untruth.  I feel deeply, almost painfully, the conviction that your kind expressions are dictated by sincerity, and am the more grieved to be compelled to discourage them.

But how are we situated?  What hope of happiness with our unsettled prospects, and worse than small means?  Industry has doubtless never been, and never will be, wanting on your part; but the want of patronage and capital will ever hold back the efforts of the most strenuous.  For my own part, I can do little to make myself an incumbrance (sic) upon the efforts of one so young as yourself.  No, my dear...., we must wait for better times, and not entail misery beyond calculation upon others, as well as ourselves, by a too hasty step.

Let us, therefore, continue, as before, friends; and if better times come, it will then be for us to talk about matrimony.  Believe me, then, with every good and kindly wish,

                                         Your faithful friend,

To ......

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

The hubs and I are now devoting more time to taking walks, rather than sitting around reading and waiting for Antiques Roadshow to come on.

Which brings us to:
"Walkin' in the Rain' - Jay and the Americans

This month, the selections for the Tuesday Song of the Week will be songs I remember hearing at the hairdresser's, where I would get dragged (at ages 4 through 6) when my mother's big 'do needed attention. I would sit there quietly, smelling the Aquanet, and looking at pictures in the magazines.

the wisdom of art glass...

in one exceedingly neat package.

You like?

What is more marvelous and wonderful and appealing than a vintage art glass owl?

Satsuma biscuit jar

Biscuits aka cookies (in the UK they call cookies 'biscuits.'  No word on what they call actual biscuits.) always taste better in...

Satsuma biscuit jars

Why that is, I don't exactly know.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter VIII

Letter VIII
Another, (yep, another, version of Letter I) on the Grounds of Levity

Hartford, June 15, 18--

Sir: -- It is to my sorrow that I confess that there was a time when your addresses would have both flattered and pleased me.  That time has long since passed.  Why -- you best know.  

I could never consent to unite myself to a man who has marred the happiness of more than one young person, by his total forgetfulness of the proper duties of the stronger sex to the weaker.  I have heard, unhappily, too much of your last year's conduct, to feel any compunction in at once declining any more intimate acquaintance.

Wishing, however, that you may be more true to yourself, and that the dangerous levity, which must eventually prove more fatal to your happiness than it has done hitherto, may be exchanged for a more manly, because more innocent, line of conduct.

                                                  Believe me, 

                                                        Your sincere well-wisher, 

To...., Esq.

I Was a Male War Bride

No, not me.  

I was a plain vanilla, very ordinary bride.  And not male.

Here's what we're referring to:

This is an original lobby card from the movie.

The movie itself was, I think, a big hit, even though it's awful.  It's 105 minutes of Ann Sheridan berating and belittling Cary Grant.  

I guess people found that entertaining in 1949.

Nevertheless, doesn't Cary look thoroughly yummy here?

This week on Thursday's Farm Fowl

Thursday's Farm Fowl is sorta like 'Wednesday's Child,' i.e. that thingie that local news stations run to help foster kids get adopted.

Here we're finding forever homes for foster farm fowl.

This week, we have identical twins Ushant and Feodor, and their stepsister Dardanella. 

The twins enjoy thinking and wondering.

Dardanella likes sitting on things.  Like tables and shelves.

They have a strong bond and must be adopted together.  The adoption fee is minimal.