Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XII

Letter XII

A Lady sending her Miniature to her Suitor

                                                                       Boston, July 11th, 18--

Dear Sir:-- Accept my very best thanks for your kind inquiries regarding my health, which I am happy to say is as good as usual.  My thoughts often recur to the happy hours which we have passed together -- hours which I have thought have passed like minutes, so full where they of the pleasure which I ever feel in your company.  While I feel that my personal pretensions are but humble, I believe that you will be pleased with the enclosed miniature, the view of which, in my absence, may call to your mind a remembrance of me.  While I feel that the likeness is a rather flattering one, still, should it but serve to bring me to your remembrance, the skill of the artist will not have been exercised in vain.  Pray accept it as a friendly momento from

                                                   (                         )

                                                           My dear sir, 
                                                                    Ever sincerely yours,

To...., Esq.

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