Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XI

Letter XI

Complaining of not receiving a Letter

St. Louis, May 2nd, 18--

Dear ....:-- No letter again!  You are really growing intolerably negligent, and I shall begin to think that you are getting tired of me, and that some new attraction is in the field.  Knowing how anxious I am respecting your health and welfare, I am sure you will give me the credit of not writing from idle jealousy, although I really feel grieved and anxious at your unusual neglect.

I have no news just at present -- indeed, I am too much out of spirits to write at any great length.  Pray hasten to remove all doubt from the mind of one whose thoughts, day and night, are upon you only.

                                                  Your affectionate,

To ...., Esq.

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