Thursday, November 28, 2013

vintage Christmas gifts for dog people

We have some barkingly awesome retro for the dog lover:

vintage Christmas gifts for cat people

I gotcher cat stuff right hyar, I do.

(My hubs sometimes talks to me in this seethingly cornpone accent that would make even Junior Samples roll his eyes.)

Anyway, cats...

retro Christmas

Because Christmas mania shifts into high gear today (and in some places, like my local dollar store, as early as July) here's some more vintage Christmas stuff.

You probably saw these before, too, but they're so gosh darn precious I think you should see them again.  

They're so exceptionally adorable, I'm very tempted to keep them.

Problem is that my cats would also be fond of them, and they express their fondness in a way that would mean little bits and pieces of the elves would end up everywhere.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Angkor What?

What is an enamel atomic ashtray,  

which shows us Angkor Wat.

As atomic and Mid-Century Modern as you could possibly desire!

the Tuesday Song of the Week

A big star back in the day, but now largely thought of as a Rat Pack joke, sort of.

'The Rhythm of Life' - Sammy Davis, Jr.

I'm a huge Sammy Davis, Jr. fan.  In addition to the fact that the guy could do anything -- ANYTHING -- dance, sing, act, do impressions, perform magic, raise the dead, and was just generally buhFREAKINGrilliant.  (OK, maybe he didn't raise the dead, but I would not be surprised if he had.)

His current image is sorta his fault - he was a little too enamored of the Sixties 'do whatever feels good' thing, which led him down the road to substance abuse problems and the wearing of love beads.  Also, being Sinatra's lapdog didn't help.  But plenty of people got screwed up on drugs and/or by the people they hung with and/or wore love beads, and people still fawn all over them.

It's indisputable that Sammy had an awesome voice and was a great singer (not always the same thing), and some influential hipster really oughta resurrect his music.

History's cutest...


The framing is new, but the needlepoint is from the 1930s.

Monday, November 25, 2013

new old stickpins

These were VERY popular in the late 1970s, and what few turn up usually don't have the bottom part.  But here we have the main part, the bottom part AND the original store thingie:

I recently got an entire box of these, mostly in the above designs, but also a few more.

1000 !!!

Yep, one THOUSAND illustrations in this book:

A treasure trove of mid-to-late Victorian fashion of every description: dresses, evening gowns, lingerie, hats and hair stuff, etc. etc. etc.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A very sad story

 Yesterday, my hubs, my sister-in-law and I took a trip to Fortescue, NJ.  Fortescue is a small fishing community.  It's also the sea glass capital of the world.  Literally, nothing goes on there other than fishing and combing the beach looking for sea glass.  

It was a very cold and windy day, plus the tide was very high, so the walkable part of the beach was not more than three or four feet wide. We found a little sea glass, then decided to go elsewhere.  Bear in mind this is a very small community, and the main drag is a narrow two-lane street.  I was driving in the direction from where we came, to see a light grey cat in the middle of the street.

It was not quite standing and not quite lying.  I stopped the car, and we got out to see that it had not been hit, but it was quite obviously suffering.  It was nothing but skin and bones, and its eyes were shut tight.  It was still breathing, so I went back to the car, got a jacket from the trunk, and wrapped the cat in it.  

Our first thought was getting it something to eat, and of the two restaurants in Fortescue, only one was open.  My hubs went in and 15 minutes later came out with a rather smelly cheeseburger, which we attempted to feed to the cat.  It wouldn't open its mouth.  So I had the idea just to leave the burger alongside where the cat was lying wrapped in my jacket.  Maybe it would lick the burger.

My sister-in-law opined that the cat had to have been dehydrated, so maybe if we found a vet, we could get some help, at least with that issue.  Fortunately, she has a smart phone (I have a very dumb, almost useless Tracfone), and was able to get the number of a 24-hour vet in Ocean View, NJ, about 20 miles from where we were.  

She got a bit of a grilling on the phone: 'Is this your cat?  If not, do you intend to keep it?  Do you know that there's an exam fee that must be paid?...'  

This wasn't our cat -- or anybody's cat, it would appear, but I was not going to allow it to be thrown out, so I guess it could be considered our cat.

I was a little anxious what our reception might be once we got there.  Would it be 'Ugh, get that awful thing out of here.  We can't help.'  Or would the vet's eyes light up, with the thought 'kaCHING!!'

To say that the people at the Ocean View Veterinary Hospital are kind and caring is a huge understatement.  I have never encountered a vet who was so very kind and so determined to help, and who appeared to have no interest in picking our pockets.  

We had to fill out some paper work, including the cat's name.  My husband's idea was to name it 'Fortescue.'  Fortescue the cat turned out to be a little girl.

The exam showed that she was ridden with fleas, which had caused her to be very anemic.  She was very much congested, which may have led to some eye ooze which served to glue her eyes shut.  Her heartbeat was strong, but that was the only positive sign.  She weighed only 1.8 pounds.  Reluctantly, the vet, Dr. Jared Pitt, concluded that she was really too far gone to save.

It was also apparent that in her condition it would have been impossible for her to walk into the street, where she was found.  When we got out of the car to look at her, my husband noticed a man giving him the stink-eye.  It's my husband's opinion it was that man who put her in the street.

I know that little Fortescue is now resting safely in the arms of her Creator, and that she's happy.  

And even though the story doesn't end the way we'd hoped, I was an honor and a blessing to be entrusted to ensure that when she left this world, it wouldn't be alone out in the cold, but surrounded by people who loved and cared for her, even for that short time.  

If you'd like to help some cats not suffer like Fortescue did, you might like to send a donation to Ally Cat Allies.  The organization does wonderful things for homeless cats: 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

I saw Van Morrison and Linda Gayle Lewis (Jerry Lee's baby sister) do this live on The Tonight Show.  The recording is equally awesome.

'Real Gone Lover'

latest vintage costume...


Screamingly late 1960s.  Signed 'Lisa.'

American Shorthair Gothic

the Bluebonnet margarine lady in sterling silver

both from the same place and the same maker.
Brassy yet charming.

Christmas tree pin signed 'Beatrix.'
BEEEYOOOtiful in person, but my camera couldn't capture it.

I LOVE this one.  
Especially since I was able to help.  The leather bridle was torn apart, so I glued it under an antique button.

This pretty item - which is WAY colorful and sparkly in person -- is signed Liz Paiacios.
Liz isn't making brooches any more,
so you must scoop up what will soon be an eagerly-sought rarity.

and here's a precious purplish pitbull!
An awesome thing for a collection of vintage plastic jewelry.

latest vintage ties for you guys

foo dogs!
I was once at the Art Museum - the one where Rocky ran the steps - and someone pointed
out a foo dog to their companion, who replied  'What's a food dog?'

I'm told that no one in Hawaii wears ties, but that doesn't stop people in Hawaii from 
making ties.

At first glance, the design here looks abstract.  
Look closer and you'll see little black-clad people climbing up the tie.

An amazingly shiny (which my camera couldn't capture)
early 1940s tie.  Perfect for swing-dancing and stuff.

a prep-tastic Rooster silk shantung tie
A nice thing for the aspiring Mad Man.

Mid-Century Modern
in necktie form!
This is such a beauty - very iridescent.

Even in the Great Depression, people had beautiful ties like this one.

The loneliest paisley.

Monday, November 18, 2013

this 'n possibly that

My hubs and I were set up this past Saturday at the indoor flea* at 9th and Spring Garden.  I brought my camera, for once.  It's still in my car (I desperately hope), so I don't have anything new for you, but here's some old stuff that might appeal:

This is the Pine Crest Restaurant in Penny Pot, NJ.  It's right next to the Pine Crest Motel.  It's only open in the summer season - like maybe May into September (although I think the Motel is open year-round).  If you find yourself in Penny Pot, and have a hunkering for a cheesesteak, this is THE place to get it.  Just make sure you're there before they close, which is at 3:00 pm.

I got this nifty item - and its identical sibling - about a hundred years ago.  I wish I remembered what I did with them.

This is the front porch of Springer's ice cream shop, which has been in Stone Harbor, NJ since before Columbus arrived.  (Of course, I'm exaggerating.  They didn't open until the end of the Revolutionary War.)  I recall them having AMAZING ice cream, but it's really nothing compared to Halo Farm, which is referred to elsewhere in this blog.

Speaking of seashore-related stuff, the above was the cover of my wedding program.

A passel of crabs pulled out of the water in Island Heights, NJ.  
I'll bet they made wonderful pets.

The sky above Golden Nugget Flea Market on August 9, 2012

* Here's the link to Phila Flea Markets:

Even if you're not interested in flea markets, the real name of the guy who runs them is Tony Soprano.  So you should go just for that reason.

Here's a link to the market that hubs and I were at in October.  Note that NINETEEN of the items in this picture are from my table (i.e. more than 10% of everything in the pic!!), plus it shows my hubs walking around in a skeleton skull mask. 

Here's a video from two years ago (and one week before my wedding) of the market on the outside of Eastern State prison.   We're at about :49

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

A very dreamy, sinuous song (if a song can be considered sinuous) by Stefan Remmler.  You may know him from the 'Da da da' thing that was used some years ago to sell Volkswagens.

Vogel der Nacht

'Vogel der Nacht' translates to 'Bird of Night.'  The theme of the song is exactly the same as the American songbook standards 'Skylark,' 'Flamingo,' and 'Melodie d'Amour,' i.e.  'Hey, bird, go looking for somebody for me and/or go tell my honey I love her.'

I studied German in school because I thought it would be easy, being as it's so close to English (Also because French seemed like it would be really hard, and Spanish didn't appeal because it sounds to me like baby talk at 78 rpm.) 

Because a) my high school teacher, Herr Kraus made a big deal about proper pronunciation and b) I have a decent ear for dialect, later teachers assumed that I had grown up in a German-speaking household or studied German in Germany.  Some years ago I booked an industrial shoot because they needed somebody who could speak English with an authentic German accent.  Easiest $2000 I ever made. 

Here's my (somewhat loose) translation of the song for your interest and edification:

Bird of night, fly out to the moon.  
From there, scope out my beloved is now living.
Fly to her, tell her I'm alone.
Bird of night, she must forgive me.

Sing her my pain
(the next line I can't quite make out)
Bird of night, sing of love and pain.

Bird of night, fly out to the moon.  
From there, scope out my beloved is now living.
Sing to me never (I'm not sure I heard this right)
Bring her back to me.
Bird of night, sing of love and happiness

No word is as true as my wishes,
No letter can say what I feel.
Your song should be like my love
Bird of night, you know what I want.
Bird of night, you know what I want.

Bird of night, fly out to the moon.  
From there, scope out my beloved is now living.
Sing to me never (again, not sure I heard this right)
Bring her back to me.
Bird of night, sing of love and happiness

Sing of love and happiness
Sing of love and happiness
Sing of love and happiness
Sing of love and happiness

Monday, November 11, 2013

AWESOME AWESOME lucite bracelet

I'm sure you remember this bracelet from my January 2013 post:

Now we have an even MORE neato lucite bracelet, i.e...