Monday, November 18, 2013

this 'n possibly that

My hubs and I were set up this past Saturday at the indoor flea* at 9th and Spring Garden.  I brought my camera, for once.  It's still in my car (I desperately hope), so I don't have anything new for you, but here's some old stuff that might appeal:

This is the Pine Crest Restaurant in Penny Pot, NJ.  It's right next to the Pine Crest Motel.  It's only open in the summer season - like maybe May into September (although I think the Motel is open year-round).  If you find yourself in Penny Pot, and have a hunkering for a cheesesteak, this is THE place to get it.  Just make sure you're there before they close, which is at 3:00 pm.

I got this nifty item - and its identical sibling - about a hundred years ago.  I wish I remembered what I did with them.

This is the front porch of Springer's ice cream shop, which has been in Stone Harbor, NJ since before Columbus arrived.  (Of course, I'm exaggerating.  They didn't open until the end of the Revolutionary War.)  I recall them having AMAZING ice cream, but it's really nothing compared to Halo Farm, which is referred to elsewhere in this blog.

Speaking of seashore-related stuff, the above was the cover of my wedding program.

A passel of crabs pulled out of the water in Island Heights, NJ.  
I'll bet they made wonderful pets.

The sky above Golden Nugget Flea Market on August 9, 2012

* Here's the link to Phila Flea Markets:

Even if you're not interested in flea markets, the real name of the guy who runs them is Tony Soprano.  So you should go just for that reason.

Here's a link to the market that hubs and I were at in October.  Note that NINETEEN of the items in this picture are from my table (i.e. more than 10% of everything in the pic!!), plus it shows my hubs walking around in a skeleton skull mask. 

Here's a video from two years ago (and one week before my wedding) of the market on the outside of Eastern State prison.   We're at about :49

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