Tuesday, November 19, 2013

latest vintage ties for you guys

foo dogs!
I was once at the Art Museum - the one where Rocky ran the steps - and someone pointed
out a foo dog to their companion, who replied  'What's a food dog?'

I'm told that no one in Hawaii wears ties, but that doesn't stop people in Hawaii from 
making ties.

At first glance, the design here looks abstract.  
Look closer and you'll see little black-clad people climbing up the tie.

An amazingly shiny (which my camera couldn't capture)
early 1940s tie.  Perfect for swing-dancing and stuff.

a prep-tastic Rooster silk shantung tie
A nice thing for the aspiring Mad Man.

Mid-Century Modern
in necktie form!
This is such a beauty - very iridescent.

Even in the Great Depression, people had beautiful ties like this one.

The loneliest paisley.

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