Tuesday, November 19, 2013

latest vintage costume...


Screamingly late 1960s.  Signed 'Lisa.'

American Shorthair Gothic

the Bluebonnet margarine lady in sterling silver

both from the same place and the same maker.
Brassy yet charming.

Christmas tree pin signed 'Beatrix.'
BEEEYOOOtiful in person, but my camera couldn't capture it.

I LOVE this one.  
Especially since I was able to help.  The leather bridle was torn apart, so I glued it under an antique button.

This pretty item - which is WAY colorful and sparkly in person -- is signed Liz Paiacios.
Liz isn't making brooches any more,
so you must scoop up what will soon be an eagerly-sought rarity.

and here's a precious purplish pitbull!
An awesome thing for a collection of vintage plastic jewelry.

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