Thursday, October 31, 2013

My kitty is FAMOUS!!!

YES, it's true!!!!!!!!

The beauteous Shlamoo aka Baby Shlamoo/Shlamoomoo/ShlamoopyPoopy is on CuteOverload for all the world to see!!

Aren't you happy to be acquainted with her mom?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

If this doesn't want you to get out of your seat and bop, you might be legally dead.

They That Wait - Fred Hammond

Plus it has a very encouraging message.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Crazy cool Lacoste crocodile keychain in a crocolicious shade of green.

MCM horses

In tray form!

vintage clothing and accessories-apalooza

Over the last few weeks, I've found some AWESOME vintage clothing, only a fraction of which I have so far photographed.

But here's a taste:
1940s rayon beaded and sequinned jacket

fabulous vintage boots

early 70s Diane von Furstenberg wrap blouse and matching pants

garden party dress with tiered skirt

1970s striped faux leather handbag

early 1960s faux crocodile handbag

mid-1960s silk shantung dress

with neat detailing on the pockets

exquisite late 1950s lace dress

deep pile, deep glam faux fur jacket

early 1970s lace-up boots

early 1930s day dress with ORIGINAL PRICETAG!

And a BUNCH more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've made some decisions and performed some tweaking this past weekend, including:

Pulling the plug on my participation in the Cape May Antiques Center.  I firmly believe that I do have the BEST stock in that entire place in terms of variety, quality and affordability (I take this stuff bo seriously), and yet even at the height of the season, I never made more than $200 a month.  Ordinarily, I'd have a very hard time making a decision like this, but it was made much more easily because the gal who runs it is not what you'd call warm and friendly.  If she were, I'd have been much more willing to hang on, (even though, from a business standpoint, that wouldn't have made much sense).  But she's not, so there you go.

Next, I changed the name of my main Etsy shop from NecktieParty to PeaceableAntiques. Originally, I got on Etsy to sell my ties, but kept adding non-tie stuff to the shop. Everything BUT the ties seemed to sell, so then I opened up an all-tie shop, Crazy4Cravats, and have done well with that.  

In retrospect, I should have opened up a shop selling non-ties, and kept NecktieParty for ties.  But one lives and learns.  

I wanted to change the name to PeaceableKingdom, but that was already taken, as was ThePeaceableKingdom and APeaceableKingdom.  I was tempted to throw up my hands and name the shop WhatEver, but thought better of it.

Here's my new banner!
I realize this image is tiny, but if you go to the shop it's much bigger, and you simply MUST see how cool it is.

Here's the shop link:

Next, I changed the name of my 'ten bucks a pop' vintage costume jewelry shop TenBuckBijoux to Bijoux4Youx because I think maybe if I have a shop with only vintage costume jewelry, it will sell better than it does in my 'everything awesome and old' shop, PeaceableAntiques.

Here's the banner:

and the link:

At the moment, the shop is  on vacation, because I need some time to stock it.  I'll let you know when it's ready.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

OK, I'm well aware that today is Wednesday, but I was too busy yesterday to do blog work.

Anyway, you're getting two songs for one money (as they say in the auction biz):

Bits and Pieces - the Dave Clark Five

Needles and Pins - the Searchers

My husband is a very hilarious guy, but never so funny as when he breaks into song.  Not too long ago, he began singing both these songs at the same time and with great gusto, as in
'I'm in pieces, bits and
Needles and pins-a'
Since you left me and you said goodbye
I saw her today
Needles and pieces'
etc. etc. etc.  

I was laughing so hard I was crying.

I can't believe it's not

a silver or silverplate butter dish.

but it's plastic!!

latest ashtrays

New additions to my collection:

If you hold the ashtray to your ear, you can hear a twelve year-old boy snickering.

A pharmacy that specializes in prescriptions!  What will they think of next?

I got nothin'


We interrupt this blog again

... in order to encourage you once more to throw a couple of bucks Wikipedia's way.
 This photo of Willam Jennings Bryan has nothing to do with anything.  It's just here to get your attention.

They're the biggest whatevertheyare and they have no advertising, yet you and me and everybody goes there for information on stuff like Norwegian forest cats, and how to make mead, 
same with this picture

and who Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim was (VERY cool guy, by the way.  My hubs recently read a book about him), and why some countries use celsius when fahrenheit does the job perfectly, and when the first muscle car came out.  

Here's the link:

Native Americans from


In celluloid!!
The term 'Native American' bugs me, because a) it implies that these folks sprung from the soil or something, and b) anyone born anywhere is presumably a native of that place so why are they considered the only natives?  I'm a Native American (or native lowercase) American.  So was/is a whole bunch of people, many of whom you may be familiar with.

Maybe 'aboriginal Americans' would be more precisely descriptive.  

Or 'the people who got here first Americans.'

That I like the sound of.  

the Golden Age of American Plastic Kitsch

Isn't she lovely?

And wouldn't you have loved to be at the 5 & 10 the day she came off the selling floor and found her new home?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

History's easiest dance

Sam Cooke - Twistin' the Night Away

Done to history's best song about dancing.

Wouldn't you love to have a pair of chicken slacks?

powder power

Here we have a cute, Mad Men-era powder jar.  
 Perfect for the vanity table of the aspiring Audrey Hepburn wannabe.

the New York subway

I've actually never been on the New York subway.  Or maybe I was once.  I'm not a fan of New York.  I used to take the train up there for auditions, and the moment I got off the train, I wanted to get on the train going in the direction I came from.  The place is too crowded, too noisy, too dirty, and too full of people who are under the impression that they're all that and then some.

And that accent they have -- ay yi yi.  (I get to listen to it 24/7 because my hubs began life in the Bronx.  What was I thinking, marrying him??)

Anyway, if you were to ride public trans in New York, you'd see guys with buttons like these on their coats:

and MORE beautiful jools

Recently got a lovely haul of some lovely lovelies, including...

sorta deco, and exceedingly autumn

GORGEOUS old Hobé necklace

an early 1980s (when Victoriana came creeping back in for a short time) double brooch

A figural rendering of a bo floofy Pekingese dog, signed Gerry's

sterling and marcasite heart

1970s silvertone Coro bracelet

moth pin.  A nice gift for your moth-er

The whatchamacallit that was Rome, in brooch form.

Neat, huh?


Last week I found ten - yep, TEN -- old Dark Shadows novels.
Scary, huh?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the week

Obviously, I missed posting this week's Tuesday Song of the Week on Tuesday.  That's because my computer was in the shop. 

Anyway, Dave 'Baby' Cortez's 'The Happy Organ' is a great instrumental, and I do a really cool dance to it. 

I wish you could see it.


Two - yep, TWO scary red dragons.  

light my

Vintage figural firefighting - related candles




Tuesday, October 1, 2013

owl you doing

Here we have a MAHVELOUS 1970s watercolor painting of owls by Pennsylvania artist Sue Satterfield:

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Al Bano Carrisi again, this time singing 'Va Pensiero' from Verdi's Nabucco.
This past Sunday hubs and I went to see Opera Philadelphia's presentation of Nabucco.  Not only did they have this song in the proper place in the opera, but they also had it again at the very end, started by Csilla Boross, who played Abigaille (and who has the MOST AWESOME VOICE).  She did the first stanza or two, and was slowly joined by the rest of the company.  Sooooo beautiful, it took a lot for me not to cry.

this little piggie

can hang on your tree!
 Isn't he cute?


A hand-painted chilly cherub!