Thursday, June 27, 2013

boopsy bunny brooches

in jasperware!!

Is there anything cuter than a little white bunny with earmuffs?

 Well, maybe a dancing bunny.

Bunny brotherhood

Bunny breakfast

Bunny brotherhood in blue

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Don't mess with...

this ultra-nifty relic from 1936's Texas Centennial celebration dealie, i.e,
 a miniature inlaid wooden cowboy boot!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Tails wine

My hubs and I go to Roger Wilco liquor store in New Jersey now and then to check the wine selection.

(Not that I have any interest in wine, but my hubs is ALL ABOUT it, being Italian and all.)

Anyway, two trips ago, in the markdown section, we find ...
A 2008 bottle of white wine called Happy Tails. 

Being's that I myself am ALL ABOUT kittens, I insisted we buy a bottle.

It turned out to be VERY good, and at our next trip, I insisted we get four -- or was it six -- bottles.

There were eight or nine bottles left, so if you'd like to try this delicious libation, I suggest you get there before our next trip.  (It's the Roger Wilco on Rt. 73 south, but the other one on 73 north might have it, too.

 Here's an on-line review I found:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My trip to the Goodwill Outlet

This past Monday, I visited a new Goodwill Outlet in Bellmawr, NJ.  I wasn't expecting much, so I considered not emptying out my car, which was full full full since I'd done a flea market on Saturday.  (I did sell a lot, but even so, the car was still full full full.) 

Boy, am I glad I DID empty out the car before going.

If I hadn't, I'd have had a heck of a time getting all those bags into the car.

So here are the details of my tale:

I get there, and surprisingly, it's just a big ginormous room.  On one side are about 12 tables, and on the other are twelve tables.  In the middle is a big empty space.

I began shopping on the right side, and this was my first find:
 I had the identical pillow a really really long time ago.

The above pillow is pretty much the only thing I found on the right side, initially, because it seemed to be mostly used luggage, VHS movies, Made in China shoes, and old textbooks.

So I went to the left side, and found:
Some Halloweed/masquerade stuff.  While I'm poking through the tables, the manager comes up to me to tell me -- and later everyone else -- to move to the other side of the room, because they're going to be changing out the tables.

Workers come out and take all the tables on this part of the room into the backroom, then they come marching out with new tables, while everybody but me -- because this is my first time, and I don't know the drill -- lines up as if they're in a 50 yard dash race.  

The scene looked a lot like something you'd have seen in a B-movie comedy, circa 1975.

Once all the tables came out and were placed where they were supposed to go, permission was granted to go rummaging through them.  

Here's what I found:

Another pillow.  This one's covered with mother-of-pearl buttons, which I'm going to remove.  Then toss the pillow.

Here's more pillows:
Very medieval.

These are very cute AND were made in Italy.

 This isn't old, and the chain needs to be put back on it -- and for that to happen, I need to find my needle nose pliers which I haven't been able to find in ages -- but for the price* I'm paying, it was worth it.
Almost everything in this store is sold by the pound, i.e. 99 cents a pound.  Books are 25 cents.  Shoes are a dollar-something.

Speaking of books...
That's a first edition of The Stand.  The other book is something about the Springfield rifle.

Above is a 1950s hunting/fishing/guns catalog.

Another first edition!

 Dunno about this one, but maybe it is.  

I also got another book, something about American history and people circa 1900.  1,000 of this book were published.  The one I got is number 20.  Forgot to take a picture of it.

These Christmas balls are just adorable in person.  They look homemade from the Seventies.  I know this because I was making Christmas balls myself then.  I was a very artsy-craftsy kid.

This stuff is cute, too.

Some records:

two Dinah Washington, both in amazing condition.

one boxed set of Beethoven piano music.  My husband LIVES for this stuff.

leather portfolio

leather jacket, MINT condition.

men's leather wallet, original box.

the Light of the World as a... light.
Freddy the Frog plastic mug.  Glorious 1970s kitsch.

 Love his toothpaste line.

 Not just any skirt hangers.  They're RALPH LAUREN skirt hangers.

 Signed 'The Greatest Dinosaur' by Josh Somebody.  My hubs is always looking for canvas he can paint over.  Sorry, Josh.

 Speaking of my husband's artistic efforts, here's a book of drawing paper.  Never used.

 Last, but certainly not least, is this oddball cage thingie.  For the trip home, I put the books in it.

I could definitely see getting addicted to this store, and coming very single day.  I bet I could get stuff even better than what I got now and then.