Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tony Bennett

Our second trip to the Borgata to see a living legend.

Just like the first trip, we got sorta kinda lost on the way there.

This is exactly how he was dressed, down to the red pocket square.
(Note that I pulled this image off the 'net, which brings us to ...)

Although it was an enjoyable evening, it would have been so much more so, if the a-holes with their freaking phones weren't snapping pictures of him every two minutes.  

Now at the beginning of all these events, there's always a warning about ' no pictures, no videotaping ', and NOBODY pays attention to that.

Here's what would stop it:  design chairs with sensors that pick up when someone's using their freaking phone to snap a picture. At the back of each chair would be a water tank that would instantly shoot water into the face of the person taking the picture.   Maybe it would even ruin their phone.  (whoo hoo!!!!

That would go a long way to assure the rest of us get to enjoy what we paid $100+ to see. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

latest ties...

for groovy guys.

boyz n the hood, 1930s edition
radio radio

 Looking into the future.
 Don't I hand-color good?
chillin' on the roof
 A better look at what's on the tie.
cowboy tie

film noir hero in tie form

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sea anemones !!

From a beautiful 19th century print of 'em.

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PLUS t-shirts -- notebooks -- note cards -- throw blankets -- placemats -- plates -- coasters -- and MORE.

PERFECT stuff for shore house decor, beach house decor, seashore house decor and/or as a gift for someone who appreciates sea life.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

NEW !! NEW !!!


A NEW store on Zazzle, to wit:

So now you have a place to get the neatest and coolest and what and what for your bathroom.  
Non-boring shower curtains:

this gives you a gander at what they look like in the bathroom:

In addition to maavelous shower curtains, we also got...


bath sets

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Has it really been two weeks since the last Tuesday Song of the Week?


Well, now, let's remedy that with not one but TWO (or, if you prefer, 2) Tuesday Songs (plural) of the week.  

First up, we got the great and powerful ELO, i.e. History's Greatest Rock Band

'Send It' - ELO

and next...

We got a Post-Modern Jukebox dealie, 
'Royals' - Puddles Pity Party

I'm probably bo alone in this, but I think the two songs sorta kinda almost complement one another.

BTW, fun fact: Puddles is originally from the City of Bothersome Love.

Another fun fact: I sold the City of Bothersome Love house, settlement was last week.  Yay me. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

nanny dogs

Among the treasures in my huge collection of vintage vernacular photography are two circa 1910 photos of pitbulls baby-sitting.
In at least half of the photos I have from this era that have dogs in them, the canine in question is a pitbull aka American Staffordshire terrier aka pittie.

Back then, the pitbull was not the pet of choice for the thug with self-image issues, but rather a beloved member of the family.

My store has oodles of stuff bearing these images, including t-shirts -- neckties -- wallets - -- wall art (wall art!) -- clocks -- pillows -- wallets -- bags -- buttons -- keychains -- a bunch more stuff.

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