Tuesday, July 19, 2016

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Has it really been two weeks since the last Tuesday Song of the Week?


Well, now, let's remedy that with not one but TWO (or, if you prefer, 2) Tuesday Songs (plural) of the week.  

First up, we got the great and powerful ELO, i.e. History's Greatest Rock Band

'Send It' - ELO

and next...

We got a Post-Modern Jukebox dealie, 
'Royals' - Puddles Pity Party

I'm probably bo alone in this, but I think the two songs sorta kinda almost complement one another.

BTW, fun fact: Puddles is originally from the City of Bothersome Love.

Another fun fact: I sold the City of Bothersome Love house, settlement was last week.  Yay me. 

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