Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Victorian cast iron

brackets !!

It's unlikely that they began life in electric(ish) blue, but it looks super great.

the Tuesday Song of the Week

On the weekend the hubbage and I went to see a movie (United Kingdom at the Carmike Theater in Voorhees, NJ), and afterward ate at the Black Olive in the little strip mall perpendicular to the theater.  

It's a Greek restaurant, and among the menu's list of side dishes was dandelions. 

We ordered that, and the hubbage said to the waitress, 'Dandelions don't tell not lies.'

She looked at him like he had two heads, then stopped and said, 'I... think...I know that from somewhere.'

This Tuesday Song of the Week is that somewhere:

'Dandelion' - the Rolling Stones

latest vintage ties for today's guys

Note that the ties aren't vintage, they're brand-new.

It's what's on the ties that's vintage, or, in this case VERY vintage:

The above tie bears a print of Odin with Huginn and Munnin from an 1871 magazine.

We got a cute Spanish dancer, or maybe gypsy dancer.

We got 'Chessie's* Old Man,' Peake.

This is Chessie.  She's very very famous.
And cute. SUPER cute.

Getting back to ties, we also got:
retro fruit crate imagery

The fruit being advertised is apricots.

Next up, 
something else super-cute.
Most of you know the drill by now.  The watermark isn't on the actual tie; it's only there to protect you from flying monkeys.

On to the next one:
Old Dutch Cleanser


something super mega cute for autumn (but you can buy it now.  And you should.)

An adorable puppy watching the leaves fall.

Any and all of the above can be had here:

And all of everything can be had here: 

Hippity hoppity

Easter's on its way !!

And with Easter (or, as some folks call it 'Resurrection Sunday), we get Easter stuff.

And for my legions of followers, VINTAGE Easter stuff, 

such as...
this little cutie

these aren't cute, but they could be.
They're all pre-blown out, i.e. they're real eggs, and the real eggy-ness that was once inside each of them was blown out years ago.  So you don't have to.

this is both cute and devastatingly sad at the same time.
 The above is a real duckling.  A real taxidermied duckling.
These sad little things used to be available in the 1950s/early '60s, and came from Japan.

All of the above - and MORE vintage Easter (as soon as I find it) -- is available here:


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

the Tuesday Song of the Week

This week we're going to Germany...

and it's BO awesome.
'Auf Uns' - Andreas Bourani

P-P-Pick up a ...


Or two.

Two is better, to wit:
penguin plates

penguin lamps

penguin ties
 penguin bags
 penguin 'pouf' 
I'd call it a hassock, but Zazzle calls 'em 'poufs.'

My store also has penguin shirts and penguin mugs and penguin pillows and penguin passport holders and penguin buttons and penguin wallets and penguin lunchboxes and penguin pillowcases and... LOTS more penguin-ity.

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Friday, February 17, 2017


First initial of my maiden name:
The above is half of a seed pod.
Found it in the woods.

People, people who need people ...

on their coffee mugs!  

Note that these are good for tea as well.

And that the watermark is not on the original items.  You know the drill by now.

We got people who...

are scared,

and people who...
are either nosy or narcissistic

We got...
the marrying kind

We got...
people in much need of an Advil
We got...

And we got..
And lastly (for now),

we got...
My store has oodles more mugs with people on them.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

As you may know, Al Jarreau went to the big jazz club in the sky a few days back, so in his memory, we got...

'Moonlighting' - Al Jarreau

I never saw the show Moonlighting.  Just so you know.

My only Al Jarreau-related memory:

In one of my server jobs, the chef broke into song, 'Weeee're in this kitchen together...'

All these hundreds of years later, that still makes me laugh.

The Animals

specifically, the animals on...


Each one as awesome as you could possibly desire.  

as always, know that the watermarks are only there for protection against flying monkeys, they're not on the actual mugs.  With that said, let's go !

We got...
one with THREE animals (hippo, camel, pig) and one bird (parrot.)
That's FOUR critters for one money.

Next up, the Corticelli kitten is in the house! 

Don't I hand-color good? 

Our next entry is...
an elephant jumping rope,
or playing jump-rope.  Either is correct.

Now onto a real live lion...
 kinda scary, but 100% guaranteed not to leave the mug.

From back in the late 19th century, we have what's captioned as...
 'An English Roadster'

Ain't this little puppy floof-tastic?

Lastly -- at least for now, although we do have waayyyy more animal mugs in the store --

we have a super-adorable little bunny pushing a cart.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Odin is in the house !!

As are also Huginn and Muninn !!!

 Note that a) he looks MUCH better and sharper than what you see here, and
 b) as always, the watermark is only here to protect my followers from flying monkeys.  The watermarks are NOT on the actual items. 

the Norse God of War comes to us from an 1871 issue of Harper's Bazaar, and,
he and his ravens Huginn and Munnin 
appear on everything from...
throw blankets 
to flasks 
 to buttons

to clocks,
and a WHOLE bunch more: apparel, accessories, wall art, etc. etc. etc. etc.  

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

the Mug of the Month

Really sorry it took this long to post your Mug of the Month, but here it is:

That little heart he's carrying says, 'Hi, Valentine.'

Thursday, February 9, 2017


I'm deleting a bunch of stuff from my computer, because it's starting to complain about all the stuff that's on it.

One of the things I not only just found, but forgot about entirely, to wit:
photos of an opossum on my turf back in the City of Bothersome Love.

Even though my area was bo urban - blocks and blocks of rowhouses - the houses in my part of the nabe all had backyards.  And the backyards all attracted possums and raccoons, and little snakes, and like that.

Another pic of the same possum:

And here's a ginormous - 30 pounds or better -- raccoon who came by to eat Lucinda's* food.

Lucinda was my outdoor cat.  I was able to bring her with me to our move downashore, and she's six feet away from me while I'm typing this.  That's her in the foreground.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sleeping Beauty is in the house !!


And she -- and Prince Charming --

are on everything from...
throw blankets!


bags -- and all kinds of other accessories !!
 party supplies, including gift bags, gift wrap, tags, paper plates and paper napkins !!
Wanna see MORE?

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Feeling EXTREMELY p.o.'ed,
 the following is a good song for p.o.'edness.

'One Thing Leads to Another' - The Fixx


We gots coasters !!

for when you're watching sports on TV...

for when you're feeling dreamy...

for the wedding reception...

 for when you feel like crowing...
 for Golden Anniversary celebrations...

for when you want to look at a pretty lady
Of course, we have oodles more coasters, none of which have the watermark (because, as you now by now, watermarks are only here to protect YOU from flying monkeys).

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