Tuesday, February 28, 2017

latest vintage ties for today's guys

Note that the ties aren't vintage, they're brand-new.

It's what's on the ties that's vintage, or, in this case VERY vintage:

The above tie bears a print of Odin with Huginn and Munnin from an 1871 magazine.

We got a cute Spanish dancer, or maybe gypsy dancer.

We got 'Chessie's* Old Man,' Peake.

This is Chessie.  She's very very famous.
And cute. SUPER cute.

Getting back to ties, we also got:
retro fruit crate imagery
The fruit being advertised is apricots.

Next up, 
something else super-cute.
Most of you know the drill by now.  The watermark isn't on the actual tie; it's only there to protect you from flying monkeys.

On to the next one:
Old Dutch Cleanser


something super mega neat for autumn (but you can buy it now.  And you should.)
Any and all of the above can be had here:

And all of everything can be had here: 

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