Tuesday, February 28, 2017

latest vintage ties for today's guys

Note that the ties aren't vintage, they're brand-new.

It's what's on the ties that's vintage, or, in this case VERY vintage:

The above tie bears a print of Odin with Huginn and Munnin from an 1871 magazine.

We got a cute Spanish dancer, or maybe gypsy dancer.

We got 'Chessie's* Old Man,' Peake.

This is Chessie.  She's very very famous.
And cute. SUPER cute.

Getting back to ties, we also got:
retro fruit crate imagery

The fruit being advertised is apricots.

Next up, 
something else super-cute.
Most of you know the drill by now.  The watermark isn't on the actual tie; it's only there to protect you from flying monkeys.

On to the next one:
Old Dutch Cleanser


something super mega cute for autumn (but you can buy it now.  And you should.)

An adorable puppy watching the leaves fall.

Any and all of the above can be had here:

And all of everything can be had here: 

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