Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Animals

specifically, the animals on...


Each one as awesome as you could possibly desire.  

as always, know that the watermarks are only there for protection against flying monkeys, they're not on the actual mugs.  With that said, let's go !

We got...
one with THREE animals (hippo, camel, pig) and one bird (parrot.)
That's FOUR critters for one money.

Next up, the Corticelli kitten is in the house! 

Don't I hand-color good? 

Our next entry is...
an elephant jumping rope,
or playing jump-rope.  Either is correct.

Now onto a real live lion...
 kinda scary, but 100% guaranteed not to leave the mug.

From back in the late 19th century, we have what's captioned as...
 'An English Roadster'

Ain't this little puppy floof-tastic?

Lastly -- at least for now, although we do have waayyyy more animal mugs in the store --

we have a super-adorable little bunny pushing a cart.

And if you want to see THOUSANDS of everything (yes, my store has THOUSANDS of items), go here:

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