Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Now I'm in a Squeeze mood (see prior 'Tickets, please' post).  

'Annie Get Your Gun' - Squeeze

tickets, please. again.

A ticket from an AWESOME AWESOME..

Squeeze concert.

It opened with 'Another Nail from My Heart' and everybody sang along, which ordinarily would drive me crazy, but that night I sang as loud as anybody.

Good times.

What time is it now?

It's time to look at clocks !!!

True fact: ALL the clocks are made in Tucson, AZ, USA by Acrylic Idea Factory.  The images on the clocks are mine.

Now let's have a look:

History's cutest Scottie dog

floof-tastic !!
Looking ahead
Will you RSVP?
purr-recious, no?

What's on?

See more, get more here:


Monday, June 19, 2017

tickets, please

While digging through some boxes, I found a little tin holding some movie and concert tickets and other tickets from movies and concerts and other stuff I attended back in the day.

Today's ticket:

As I recall, the opening act was either Richard Lewis or Steve Landesberg, although it's more likely it was Steve Landesberg.

He was sorta funny, sorta.  His whole shtick was 'There's no such thing as a Jewish (ice hockey star, French foreign legion general, Catholic priest, etc etc etc etc.) '  Can't believe he made a whole career out of that, but he did, apparently.

I remember Leno being somewhat funnier, especially some story about his mother.


Fabulously fabulous bags,

each and every one Made in the USA !!

Here we go...

Note that, as always, the watermarks only appear here and not on the actual bags. 
 The watermarks protect YOU from flying monkeys.

As the World Turns
Who doesn't love love love bunnies???
 Nobody, that's who.
carry a carrot man !!
Who doesn't love love love floofy kitties??
 Nobody, that's who.
Something fishy
marvelously magical, no?
Tennessee Williams is in the house!!
As well as on a bag !!

Get one, get all here:

latest must-have print fabrics

Sorry I've been away so long. Have been VERY busy with antiques shows and art shows and like that.

Bo stressful.

Anyway, on to what you came for:

Now here's a SUPER cool novelty print...
in the form of foreign coins. 

Something maaavelous for kitchen curtains and similar

the cutest of the cute !!

The prettiest of the pretty !!

the scariest of the scary !!

the vroom vroomest of the vroomy

All of the above can be had in cotton, polyester, and linen !!!

Get one, get all here: 


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

I can't believe that in the 3+ years of the Tuesday Song of the Week I didn't post anything from the Grass Roots.

'I'd Wait a Million Years' - the Grass Roots

One Christmas in the early '70s, I asked for a Grass Roots album.

My mother, who probably thought they were too long-haired and hippy-fied for her kid, got me this instead:

latest ties for groovy guys

The fantastically fantastic AND the awesomely awesome:

Billie Burke is in the house !!

So are Sonny, Cher and somebody else !!

 Nothing says (Murad) cigarettes like a woman riding on a giant tortoise.

My dad used to wear hats like this.  He was also a smoker.

Now this is REALLY cool.
  A print from a 19th century book I have on raising farm animals and poultry.
See more, buy more here: https://www.zazzle.com/the_olden_eye/products?dp=252203957183801759&pg=1&ps=204

The Mug of the Month

For the June bride.

Or the June bride's bridesmaids.

Or the person attending the June bride's wedding.

Get it here: https://www.zazzle.com/1906_edwardian_wedding_coffee_mug-168858175693528154

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Kinda dreamy....

'North Star' - Daryl Hall/Robert Fripp

latest ashtray

Actually, since the last time I posted ashtrays from my collection, I've gotten several new ones, but I don't know where they're currently hiding.

This one I dig up this morning:


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Somethin' cute

From something entitled the 'Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.'

You can see the other winners here:


The Tuesday Song of the Week

On of my high school classmates* has been agitating for me to post this.

OK, Paul, you finally got it:

'I've Seen All Good People' - Yes

*I always refer to this  as 'the baby genius' class.  There were only ten of us, the cream of Lincoln High School,  all A+++ students, all with IQs firmly in the mid-three digits, and all fully able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

newest new old ties

We got some epic awesomeness for the tie-wearing public, to wit:

Diver Dan

 Mom at the wheel

The shore photographer

Who doesn't love a mad Russian??

Speaking of Russian, howza bowza this neat Romanov Era 500 ruble note??
See more, buy more here:


Today's Made in USA print fabrics

Sorry I've been MIA for so long.  Was busy doing my standardized patient gig.  (For more info on that see my October 7, 2011 post).

Anyway, here we have for you:

perfect for a travel dress

Even perfect-er for something related to small children

Who doesn't love old time monkey prints?
 Nobody, that's who.

THIS ONE"S REALLY NEAT, depicting fairy folk doing their thing in the forest.

shake a hand

The cover of a 1920s Ziegfeld Follies program
maavelous, no?

Here are two important facts for you to know:

Fact the First: the watermark is NOT on the actual fabrics.  It's only there, as I've said many times, to protect you from flying monkeys.

Fact the Second: All of the above are available in three kinds of cotton, two kinds of polyester, and two kinds of linen.

Wanna see more??  

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

I first heard this song last week while listening to the local oldies station.  Why these doesn't make heavy rotation on other oldies station is beyond me.

'Keep On Smiling' - Wet Willie

New antiquey stuff

I got some really awesome awesomeness,

such as...
RW Rudolstadt dragon vase

pretty amberina vase

fantabulous blackamoor earrings

equally fantabulous pyrography box, cherries design

Southeast Asian papier mache mask

All sold already (whew...) but I thought you'd like to look anyway.

So I went out looking for a dress for a scarecrow...

and I found...

I'll get to that.

My husband, who makes friends with EVERYBODY, is now buddies
with this couple who run a farm growing native species, i.e. New Jersey native species.  The farm's called Goshen Gardens.  It's in the Goshen section of Cape May Court House.  You should stop by some weekend.

The female half of the couple wanted a new sundress for her scarecrow (wish I had a pic of the scarecrow - it's REALLY cool), because scarecrow's current sundress had seen better days.  She asked if I could find her one.

I'm all about helping people find stuff.

Last Wednesday, I was at the Golden Nugget Antique Market aka Golden Nugget Flea Market (it really is an antique market, though) in Lambertville, NJ

I was there to hand out cards for the upcoming antiques show in South Dennis, NJ
Didn't find a sundress there, but I didn't expect to.  There was lots of vintage clothing there, but I think the scarecrow would prefer to wear something contemporary.

From the Golden Nugget, I went into Trenton.  The Trenton area has LOTS of thrift stores.

I went to the dumpy-est one first.

Which is also the best.  Usually.

The Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift Store
Even though it's dumpy, I've found AMAZING things there over the years.  The dumpy factor: almost zero of the clothing is on hangers.  Rather it's piled high on tables.

And Wednesday, at the very top of one of the piles was this:
Emilio Pucci robe/house coat.

Digging deeper, I also found...
A vintage Hawaiian shirt.
Vintage meaning old and not a recent repro.

Cost for both?

Clothing is sold by the pound there, and so the weight of my Emilio Pucci and the Hawaiian shirt was fairly light, and thus and therefore I was charged only $1.50.  Note also that thrifts in NJ are sales tax exempt  (clothing is also sales tax exempt), so that $1.50 was a flat $1.50.

What I didn't find, however, was a sundress.

Finally, I got one at the Salvation Army store on Mulberry street.  Wish I had a pic of the store, but I don't.  It was half price, so I paid $1.99 for it.  A plain-ish dress, not worth taking a picture of.  Use your imagination.

From there I went to the Red White & Blue store in Hamilton (I think it's Hamilton, although their site claims it's in Trenton/Mercerville), where it's always the week before Christmas, judging by how impossible it is to find a space in the parking lot.  
That I don't get, because the prices are rather high for a thrift store, and many items seemed to be priced higher than they would be at Walmart.  Note that the pic is not showing the parking lot.

From there I went to the other Salvation Army in the area, on Route 33, which also has serious parking issues.  There are a grand total of about 8 spots, but the way they're configured, you're almost guaranteed to hit somebody else's car when you pull in or pull out.  Didn't find a spot there.  Which, in the big picture, was probably for the best.

My trip wrapped up to a visit where the WORLD'S MOST DELICIOUS ICE CREAM can be found, i.e. Halo Farm in Ewing.

They have a three pints for $6.99 (I think it's 6.99) deal, which I always take advantage of.  For that reason, I always keep a clean spoon in the car, and demolish at least one pint on the way home.

You can also get milk (chemical free and priced wayyy lower than the supermarkets), lemonade and some other -ade, plus cheese and other dairy, bread, cookies and chips, and doughnuts.  The non-milk, non-ice cream items are from other manufacturers.  Like the cookies are Pepperidge Farm and Entenmanns, and the chips are Fritos and like that, and the bread is from some local-ish bakery I'm not familiar with, and the cheese is --- let me get up and go to the refrigerator -- oops, sorry.  Couldn't find it.  Just know that it's from another company.  

In any case, you should DEFINITELY go.  My recommendations: their Tahitian Vanilla.  It's life-changingly delicious.