Saturday, August 19, 2017

More love, more fun, more purring

Meet Levi and Levi
Levi and Levi are my foster kittens.

Levi and Levi are without a doubt -- and I'm certain this could be proven scientifically -- the world's most affectionate kittens.

Levi and Levi are SUPER SUPER playful.

Levi and Levi will start to purr if you so much as touch them.  

If you're in the South Jersey/Cape May County area or the Philadelphia area, and are interested in either Levi or Levi or both, AND you have vet references, and you're up to a home inspection (because we want to know if you're right for Levi and/or Levi, and also  if Levi and/or Levi are right for you), reply to this post.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Mug of the Month

Sorry to be posting this so late in the month.

Nevertheless, worth the wait.  

A dreamy sand castle on the beach in Cape May, a image I shot on my honeymoon.

Get it here:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

impeach Trump

Judging from unimpeachable sources, it's pretty much a sure thing.

Which brings us to:

Get it here:

Fall wedding guide

Also known as 'Autumn wedding guide.'

First up are PERFECT paper plates and napkins for the barn wedding:

Note that all the plates shown are available with matching napkins and vice versa.  Note also that the watermark is only there to protect you from flying monkeys; it does not appear on the actual items.  

We got barn fowl.  And not just what's shown here !

We got all kinds of swine and pigs and that.

We got cows

and we got sheep.

Two examples of what the napkins look like: 

I will be constantly listing more items with these prints.  I have tons more not only of birds, but also different breeds of cattle and sheep, and maybe a few other critters.

Next up, lovely things that make lovely gifts for your bridesmaids:

Lotsa bags in addition to the below.
And wallets, too.

Next, we have gift-giving items:
gift bags 

keepsake boxes!
 Use it to hold a gift, or it can be a gift in and of itself.  NEAT.

Now we have the perfect notebook either for a guest register OR a book there the bride can keep lists and records and everything else related to wedding planning:

For barn wedding items, go here:

For everything else wedding and romance related, go here:

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Charles Trenet is in the house !!



Oui oui !!!!

From a circa 1950 record I had, which I got from an auction -- along with other old old European acts -- about twenty years ago.

We got...
bags !!
And not just the above style bag, but also several more !!

mugs !! 

Neckties !!
pillows !!


See more, get more here:

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Haven't had an instrumental in awhile,

and haven't had The Shadows ever, so...

'Crackerjack' - The Shadows

whip it good !

A billhead from an 1880s bill from Lay Whips and Lashes of Westfield, Massachusetts,

appearing on...
Pillows !!
 clocks !!

bags !!

t-shirts !!
Plus some more !!

See more, get more here:

Eat your fruits, eat your vegetables ...

... and while you're doing that, check out these faaaaabulous ties !!

tomatoes !!

kidney beans !!

 stringless -- yes, stringless beans
 strawberries !!
spinach !! 
 green peas !!
 lemons !!
 beets !!
sauerkraut !!

See more, get more here: 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

A 1967 Philadelphia area hit from Billy Harner aka 'The Human Percolator'

'Sally's Sayin' Somethin' ' - Billy Harner

pillow talk

Featuring my latest pillows !!

a bright and beautiful - in person, not so much the photo - of baroque Italian motifs
Note that the plus sign is not on the actual pillows.
Let's visit the penguins in at the South Pole !!
Uncle Sam has an important warning for WWII
waayyyy cute kittens !!
Another cute kitty !!
Oh, the humanities !!
True fact: my store has over 500 pillows !!!!!

Get one, get all here:

have a drink

Or have eight drinks ! 

The above are early 1950s Gay Fad Gaieté line 'Moulin Rouge' pattern mugs.

You can get them here:

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

This one reminds me soooo much of my after school job at Martindale's Health Foods in Head House Square, Philly, where I worked around 1982

'You Hit the Spot' - Graham Parker

Just found out that Martindale's is STILL in business in Springfield, PA.

Funny story (although not funny at the time): Was on the El on my way to work there, and thinking how much I loved that job.  When I came from the door, the first thing the manager told me they were closing in a month. 

Their NJ store was doing worse than the Philly store, but they NJ store couldn't get out of its lease as easily.  The Philly store was doing pretty well, I thought.

Once had some one call and ask if it was a restaurant.

'No, ma'am,' I said.  'This is a health food store.'

'Not a restaurant?'


'Well, can you at least check?'

I checked.  It was definitely not a restaurant.

MORE unique ties for discerning guys

I've been spending a lot of time in the tie designing business.

Here's what I got for you today:

From a 1930s ad for engine oil.

 Don't I hand-color good?
Who doesn't love elves?

Especially elves carrying two large -- for the elf -- packages of chewing gum.
Now this is something REALLY special
 It's King Tatarrax being attended by his maidens while he lies under his golden bells.
Learn more about him here:
Next up, two identical twin Saint Bernard dogs, one carrying some alcoholic libation, and one carrying a bottle of refreshing White Rock soda.

 I'll take the soda.
A juggling juggler !!

 Don't I hand-color good?
For when you're feeling regal

Note that all the watermarks are only her to protect you from flying monkeys.  (I know you know that already, but a reminder doesn't hurt.)

See more, get more here:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

Waayyyy back when the Twist became the hippest and most dangerous* thing to come down the road in a long time,  TV weighed in with the Twizzle on the Dick Van Dyke Show, and the following, from The Flintstones

'Bedrock Twitch' - Rock Roll

Here's a clip for the show:

*Getting back to the Twist.  A while back I found an early 1960s magazine, which advertised on the cover an article featuring a rabbi, a Protestant minister, a Catholic priest weighing in on the societal influence -- good or bad -- of the Twist.

bunny bunny

Who doesn't LOVE bunny rabbits?

Nobody, that's who.

Which brings us to...

this cutie reading to a smaller cutie

trying on an Easter bonnet
 on wrapping paper

in yardage form,and on SEVEN (I think) kinds of fabric !!

See more bun-ificence in the form of apparel, home decor, accessories and other stuff here: