Tuesday, August 30, 2016

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Another song I sing in my in-car jazz show.

'Always True to You" - Blossom Dearie

latest pillows

singin' the blues

chiefly this\

cool beans !!

Which sister are YOU?

maavelous Victorian trade card imge 
Sir Earth takes a break

Note that all of the above have the image both front AND back of the pillow.  For those that don't have words or numbers on them, the image is on both sides in mirror image.
Which is cool.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Today we're reaching way back to 1885 for a little Gilbert and Sullivan jewel:

'Three Little Maids from School Are We' - from the film Topsy-Turvy

True fact: I was once an actress with a professional theatre company, and one of the members was a late middle-age Brit who was once a member of the D'oyly Carte Opera Company. 

wrapping up

There's nothing sadder than boring gift wrap, am I right?

Fortunately for one and all, my Zazzle store has oodles of...  wait for it...

and wait...

and wait...

and wait some more...



Non-Boring Gift Wrap !!!


for baby-related gifts
 A close-up of the above:

for returning vets and family
 partay !!
 A close-up of the above.  Note that the real thing is NOT blurry.
woof woof aka Boston terriers
 hair we are:
 partay part II
 cute kittens in the rain
 nun of the above
 owl do you like it?

 wedding and wedding-related
Here's a close-up:

Monday, August 22, 2016

What time is it?

It's COOL CLOCKS time !!!

Boyz n the Hood, 1930s edition



shake a hand

fool - ish

Oh, nurse !!

 You may punch a clock; this one punches back.

turning, turning


furry fight club
Wanna see more?  Wanna buy more?  Go here:


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ask.com is waaaayyyy better than Google

In keeping with my former posting about the superiority of WordPerfect over MSWord aka Freaking Word, here's another thing you need to be hepped to.

Searching whatever on Ask.com will takes waayyy less time and energy than searching on Google takes.

I'll tell you why:

Say you search for 'Full Service Bohemian' on Google.  You hit the little magnifying glass icon, and boom!, there's 'Full Service Bohemian' at the top of the list.  Then you click on my blog, and up it comes.  Fine and OK, and all that.

Then, say, you search for 'Full Service Bohemian' on Ask.com, hitting the magnifying glass icon, etc.  'Full Service Bohemian' is there at the top of the list.  Click on it, and it opens IN ANOTHER WINDOW, while keeping open the window you began the search from.  

SO, unlike Google, you don't have to keep hitting the back arrow and starting all over again, if you want to search for something else.  That first window stays open, so you can keep searching to your heart's content, and still keep those other windows open.  

It will save you an ENORMOUS amount of time.

Ask.com is better than Google.

But like the examples in my other post, Google's marketing budget probably equals the GNP of Canada.  

Don't be a sap.  Search using Ask.com

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

the Tuesday Song of the Week

From the pair who brought you Squeeze:

'Man for All Seasons' - Difford & Tilbrook

The theme is very similar to 'My Brave Face' which came out 5 years later.  Plus 'My Brave Face' sounds a lot like 'Man for All Seasons.'

I wouldn't put it past Elvis Costello to steal.*

*Yeah, yeah, I know, Paul McCartney sang it, but Mr. McManus wrote it.

WordPerfect is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than MSWord

I've been fighting this battle forever.  

WordPerfect, which from now on we'll call WP, is sooo easy to use, so intuitive, and has some bo useful features that MSWord, which from now on we will refer to as FreakingWord, lacks.  

Here's just a minor example:

This is what you see when you open WP:

It's nice and clean and easy on the eyes, no?

And here's FreakingWord, which was on my computer when I bought it.  (They must have to include it with new computers because no one with a brain in their head would buy it otherwise.)

Within 15 minutes of my using it, the overly busy-ness of it gives me a headache.

Another example:

If I want to check line spacing on WP, it takes two clicks.


If I want to check line spacing on FreakingWord?  

It takes THREE

Another, super-important example:

Something formatting in a weird way?  On WP, you can click on 'View' and in the drop-down menu 'Reveal Codes,' and then you can see what's what, and then fix it.

Something formatting in a weird way on FreakingWord?  Too bad.  You're out of luck.  Start over or start madly hitting icons.  Surely you have the time, right?

And what about compatibility?

We'll, the version of WP I use I bought when this guy was president.
That was years before the computer I'm typing on was even a glimmer on Mr. ThinkPad's eye.  

Had I bought FreakingWord then, I wouldn't be able to use it on this machine.  No how, no way.  

Peeps, know this: The product with the largest marketing budget is almost never the best product in its category.

For example,

I used to work for an architect, and his office used something called 'DesignCAD.'  My boss, Mr. Architect, was into computers as early as the 1960s, and he knew what was what.  

Then came AutoCad, which was the architectural/design industry's version of FreakingWord, i.e. they had a massive ad budget.  That was their main selling point.

Today, you can buy Mr. Architect-approved DesignCAD, which will do everything you need it to do, for the FULL price of $99.


You can buy heavily-advertised AutoCAD for either $210 a month OR $1600+ per year, on a subscription basis.   

I can cite many more examples, but my time is valuable.  Part of the reason I'm still using WP.

Friday, August 12, 2016

latest awesome vintage clothing

The latest AND the awesomest !!

A super WOW print

For a dress that's a wearable size (whoo hoo!)

alligator shoes !!  
 SUPER styling, mind-bogglingly fine condition

CLASSIC 1960s tight-ish pants
 Seams down the front as well as seams down the side.

CUTE print, no?

Another 1960s classic, this one by L'Aiglon

Never worn AND with its original tags.

PLUS, it comes with its original two tone plastic chain belt.

 Another dress, this one from the 1970s
Something sweet to wear to an outdoor wedding.

Neato design - there are long strings you use to wrap the capelet, which you when wrap around your waist, as a belt.

This one's also never worn and with its original tag.

circa 1980 pegged pants !!!  
 OK, I know the photo's not great, but the pants sure are.

Like the little notch in the back?
The main part of the legs measures 20.5" in circumference, but when you get down to the cuff - the pegged part -- they're only 15" in circumference.

A horse is a horse, of course

but a horse scarf is something special. 

Mr. Peanut is in the house!

This is another never-worn item.
I had about 10 pairs of them from a warehouse find, most in their original packaging.

 caYUTE flippy skirt, Dutch wax prints patchwork.

Channel your inner circa 1972 Cher.
 The above is a jumpsuit with palazzo pants-style legs.
(Back in the day, we called them 'elephant pants.')

In glorious purple crush velvet, with this opulent waist detailing.

Lastly, but definitely not leastly, we got..
A SUPER cool Tammis Keefe hankie, featuring Balinese dancers doing their thing amidst the temples and the greenery.