Friday, August 12, 2016

latest awesome vintage clothing

The latest AND the awesomest !!

A super WOW print

For a dress that's a wearable size (whoo hoo!)

alligator shoes !!  
 SUPER styling, mind-bogglingly fine condition

CLASSIC 1960s tight-ish pants
 Seams down the front as well as seams down the side.

CUTE print, no?

Another 1960s classic, this one by L'Aiglon

Never worn AND with its original tags.

PLUS, it comes with its original two tone plastic chain belt.

 Another dress, this one from the 1970s
Something sweet to wear to an outdoor wedding.

Neato design - there are long strings you use to wrap the capelet, which you when wrap around your waist, as a belt.

This one's also never worn and with its original tag.

circa 1980 pegged pants !!!  
 OK, I know the photo's not great, but the pants sure are.

Like the little notch in the back?
The main part of the legs measures 20.5" in circumference, but when you get down to the cuff - the pegged part -- they're only 15" in circumference.

A horse is a horse, of course

but a horse scarf is something special. 

Mr. Peanut is in the house!

This is another never-worn item.
I had about 10 pairs of them from a warehouse find, most in their original packaging.

 caYUTE flippy skirt, Dutch wax prints patchwork.

Channel your inner circa 1972 Cher.
 The above is a jumpsuit with palazzo pants-style legs.
(Back in the day, we called them 'elephant pants.')

In glorious purple crush velvet, with this opulent waist detailing.

Lastly, but definitely not leastly, we got..
A SUPER cool Tammis Keefe hankie, featuring Balinese dancers doing their thing amidst the temples and the greenery.

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