Wednesday, August 17, 2016 is waaaayyyy better than Google

In keeping with my former posting about the superiority of WordPerfect over MSWord aka Freaking Word, here's another thing you need to be hepped to.

Searching whatever on will takes waayyy less time and energy than searching on Google takes.

I'll tell you why:

Say you search for 'Full Service Bohemian' on Google.  You hit the little magnifying glass icon, and boom!, there's 'Full Service Bohemian' at the top of the list.  Then you click on my blog, and up it comes.  Fine and OK, and all that.

Then, say, you search for 'Full Service Bohemian' on, hitting the magnifying glass icon, etc.  'Full Service Bohemian' is there at the top of the list.  Click on it, and it opens IN ANOTHER WINDOW, while keeping open the window you began the search from.  

SO, unlike Google, you don't have to keep hitting the back arrow and starting all over again, if you want to search for something else.  That first window stays open, so you can keep searching to your heart's content, and still keep those other windows open.  

It will save you an ENORMOUS amount of time. is better than Google.

But like the examples in my other post, Google's marketing budget probably equals the GNP of Canada.  

Don't be a sap.  Search using

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