Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tony Bennett

Our second trip to the Borgata to see a living legend.

Just like the first trip, we got sorta kinda lost on the way there.

This is exactly how he was dressed, down to the red pocket square.
(Note that I pulled this image off the 'net, which brings us to ...)

Although it was an enjoyable evening, it would have been so much more so, if the a-holes with their freaking phones weren't snapping pictures of him every two minutes.  

Now at the beginning of all these events, there's always a warning about ' no pictures, no videotaping ', and NOBODY pays attention to that.

Here's what would stop it:  design chairs with sensors that pick up when someone's using their freaking phone to snap a picture. At the back of each chair would be a water tank that would instantly shoot water into the face of the person taking the picture.   Maybe it would even ruin their phone.  (whoo hoo!!!!

That would go a long way to assure the rest of us get to enjoy what we paid $100+ to see. 

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