Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter X

Letter X

On Receiving Birth-day Congratulations
(YAY.  No more 'some guy proposed marriage the day after he met me' letters.)

Kingston, July 5th, 18--,

My Dear...: -- If anything could compensate for your absence from me yesterday it is the charming, kind letter in which you poured out your thoughts so fervently.  I have read, and read, and cried over it, till I begin to believe that there is even a degree of painfulness in feeling oneself beloved.  We had, in all other respects, a delightful day.  My friends here make so much of me, that I am afraid I shall be spoilt by over-indulgence.  We were engaged in a pic-nic the whole of the afternoon, and came home heartily tired.  This, however, did not prevent a great deal of music and singing in the evening, and it was .... o'clock before we parted.  I have little news to convey to you-- indeed our letters are so frequent, that they almost anticipate events.  I trust that you are getting on well with your Hartford work, and that the next Commemoration will see you a Bachelor of Arts instead of a sleeveless under-graduate.

My aunt, Mr. and Mrs. ...., and all here unite in their kindest regards, and with sincere gratitude for your constant tenderness and affectionn,

                                                          Believe me,
                                                                Your ever loving and faithful

                                                                          ...... .........

To ....., Esq.

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