Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XXI

(I'm very sorry that I didn't post a letter last week.  Mea culpa.)

Letter XXI
To an accepted Suitor

Yonkers, April 12, 18--

My Dear...:-- Your kind and affectionate letter gave us much pleasure, especially as you state that it is your intention to come down next mid-summer, and that you purpose settling here.  I can assure you, we shall be on the tiptoe of expectation for your arrival; what delights dear father and mother the most is, that you propose settling in the country, as in that case we shall not be deprived of seeing each other, and they will be partakers of our pleasures, which could not be, had you made up your mind to reside in New York.

I have received your pretty present, and will repay you for your kind remembrance of me, with a token more acceptable than money when I see you; until then, my dearest ....., 
                                      I remain,
                                            Yours, affectionately,

                                                         ........ ..........

To: ....... ......., Esq.

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