Wednesday, January 28, 2015

latest ashtrays

Actually, there's about five latest ashtrays, but I could only find three (my car is currently packed to the gills).

Anyway, here you are:

The National Hotel, Hummelstown, PA
Joe & Josephine
here's a link that will show you what it looked like:
 'Pizza pie at all times.'  
That should be true of every hotel and restaurant in the entire world.

Nissley Bottled Gas, Ephrata, PA
No info available on the 'net about this business, but if you go to* and enter Nissley +Ephrata, lots of stuff pops up. 

Palace Furniture, Clarksburg, WV
No longer in biz, but the folks in Clarksburg have been working to keep the building away from the wrecking ball.

*Google is for chumps.

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