Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XXVIII

To an Aunt urging a Visit
(I'm missing a few pages, i.e. letters XXIV to XXVII.  They should turn up soon.  I hope.)

Sheenfield, 2nd September, 18--

My Dear Aunt:-- You have often said that you would pay us a visit, and I hope that now the weather is so fine you will keep your word.

Mamma and Papa say they have asked you again and again, and that perhaps you would be persuaded to come if I wrote and invited you, and I do hope, my dear aunt, that you will not refuse me.  

We have a very pretty cottage and a beautiful garden; and the bedroom you would sleep in looks out on the sea, of which you are so fond.

There are a great many pretty walks in the neighborhood, and I could take you to them, for I know them all.  

Now, my dear aunt, do you put off our pleasure any longer, but write at once and say you are cmonig.  This will very much delight us all, and none more so than

                                                               Your affectionate niece,

                                                                         ........   ...........

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