Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We interrupt this blog

Actually, we're not experiencing difficulties of any sort, but I thought the above would get your much needed attention, because...

 auroch skeleton.  Aurochs were GIANT cattle; last one was seen in Poland in the 1600s.

Note, however, that this post is not about giant cows.

Nor it is about...
The Grass Roots, famous for 'Midnight Confession,' 'Sooner or Later,' 'Temptation Eyes,' and a bunch more.

And neither is it about the great hunky Scotsman, Robert the Bruce
Why are Scotsmen uniformly hunky?  Discuss.

Rather, it's that for you, me, everybody, it's time to donate a buck or ten to Wikipedia.

They got NO advertising, and yet they offer all of us abundant info on giant cows, old rock groups, famous hunky Scotsmen, as well as info on a gazillion other stuff.  

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