Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XXVII

Letter XXVII
To a Young Journeyman, advising Caution

New York, September 13th, 18--

Dear .....:-- I had no idea you would have been so hasty as to have made a proposal to me within a few months after being out of your apprenticeship.  I cannot give you a positive denial, but I think that prudence requires some little delay, to enable you to realize those means of comfort which you as well as myself, I am sure, would feel the want of; and I believe they are more likely to be obtained by either of us while single.  If your love be as true as you profess, it will spur you on to the attainment of them, and you will not regret a slight, but useful delay.  I think, my dear ....., your own good sense will make you think as I do on the subject; and the better provision we make, before entering upon a mode of life which, in all probability, may be productive of a variety of expenses, however frugally we may manage, will be the most likely way to ensure our lasting happiness, and the approbation of those around us.  

Trusting shortly to see you, 

                                            I remain, my dear ....
                                                 Your most truly,
                                                      ..... ........

To...... ...... 

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