Tuesday, September 2, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

My older brother bought the album the following came from (Holland - The Beach Boys), and I vividly remember sitting by our living room stereo system, with a honking huge pair of earphones on my head, listening to this:

'California Saga/California' - the Beach Boys

  'California Saga' is a three-part song; here's what it actually starts with:
'California Saga/Big Sur'

The middle part of 'California Saga' is this spoken word dealie about eagles.*  It kinda sounds kinda pretentious the way it's read, in that deadpan California twang.   They shoulda gotten somebody like Patrick Stewart to read it (ummmmm, love me some Patrick Stewart).

*Through further vigorous research, I found that that this is a real poem by a real poet, i.e. 'The Beaks of Eagles' by Robinson Jeffers.  

You can Ask.com it (Google is for chumps.  You heard it here first.).  It's so so lovely, it can make you cry.

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