Thursday, September 18, 2014

Glamour Kitties

If the Glamour Kitty Contest* were still being held, at least one of these would win:
Ivy Spivington aka Iveleh aka Ivy Spives

Tippy Lu aka Lady Tippington aka Tipulah  pronounced 'Tipyoolah.' Thank you.

Starlin aka Star Baby (also Star Bayuhbee) aka Starrrralin

The other two furmily members were either busy -- Lester was bathing - or didn't come out very photogenically - Shlamoo spents all day parked on the piano or the top of my desk, and there the light is not great.

*The Glamour Kitty Contest was something run by Kitty Pan Cat Litter (although I do recall a line of cat litter called 'Glamour Kitty.').  Cats would be costumed for the event, with one cat from each state.  One of the stars of the contest was a Philadelphia area cat named Rotten Ralph, who arrived in a Flyers uniform.  This was back in the Broad Street Bullies days, and Ralph was a feline version of Bob Kelly/Dave Schultz, biting and scratching all who were associated with the contest.  This charmlessness made him a star, and he was brought back to the contest for several years.  

He often made the local paper, and even people who had zero interest in cats had heard of Rotten Ralph.  

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