Sunday, September 28, 2014

vintage costume jewelry-aPALOOZA

I'm downsizing and rid of getting, and out going is some GREAT vintage costume jewelry.

Including, but not limited to:

An Avon apple for the teacher 

extra-glam bracelet 

desperately happy JJ cat 

turtles times two 

the biggest, curliest, adorablest wild cat brooch 

gold-filled flowers 

'nother JJ kitty brooch 

dandy daisy lucite 

orange you impressed with this? 

crystal everything (choker, bracelet, brooch, two pairs of earrings) for the vintage bride

fish-tastic AND new (old) in the box

yummy 1930s Italian art glass beaded necklace

an equally yummy glass beaded necklace, a bit older, and longer than you could possibly have dreamed.  i.e. 42 inches of exquisitely blue beauty.

Wanna buy?  Then go here:

There's LOTS more there than just what you're seeing here.

BTW, here's a wonderful offer since it's getting close to the time where you'll be buying Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus presents: As one of my dear friends, if you buy two items, AND mention the blog, US shipping will be FREE.  If you're a non-US buyer, I'll knock $2 off of the shipping charge.

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