Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Lady's Letter Writer: Letter VI

Letter VI
A Negative on the Grounds of a Pre-Engagement
(yep, we're still doing versions of Letter I:  'A young Lady, in Answer to the Proposal of a Gentleman who had met her the previous Evening')

Chicago, January 15, 18--


While confessing myself honored by the preference avowed for me by one whom I have every reason to respect as a gentleman, I feel that it would be dishonorable in me to keep you in any suspense, where the answer must be unfavorable.

For some time past, I have been engaged to a gentleman, from whom I have every reason to expect happiness and comfort.  I must, therefore, hope that you will henceforth regard me only in the light of a friend; and, with the sincere wish that such a partner as you deserve may speedily fall to your lot, 

                                                     Believe me,

                                                              Your sincere well-wisher,

To....., Esq.

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