Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Motivation Is Sweeping the Nation

Well, at least my corner thereof.

It's in skirt form.
My all-time favorite skirt.

See. back in the 1990s, I wore lots and lots and lots of vintage, which I'd find on my travels*.  But over time, I'd get bored wearing this dress, or I needed money so I'd sell that suit.  But this skirt wasn't going ANYWHERE.  

Now, however, I'm sorta kinda a house, and even though I kept hoping that someday I could get back into this divine skirt, I concluded that it had to be sold. 

Then I figured if I mediated on a picture of it once a day, I could successfully say no to the Fritos, and the cookies, and the pizza, and the live-changingly delicious Halo Farm ice cream, and yes, even my husband's utterly divine cooking, and focus more on those raw vegetables, which I actually do like to mangia on.  

I'll let you know what transpires.

*Me no buy at vintage clothing stores.  That's beneath me.

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