Thursday, September 25, 2014

furniture find

This is exciting.

Allow me to set up the clip.


I'm at

taking care of 

with another PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Something Something) volunteer.  

Now and then, when I leave, I'll feel a 
from the Almighty, telling me to stop at the Salvation Army store nearby.

EVERY time I get this tap, I find something awesome there.

But this time, I was frustrated, since I couldn't find anything I wanted, or could make $$$ on, until I went into the back and saw...

I have been looking and looking and looking for something for my hubs to put his clothes in.  Literally, since he's moved in, everything that doesn't go on a hanger, has instead gone into a pile.  And when I get the idea to straighten up, it's merely moving piles into other piles.

The armoire was priced at $99.99, and I thought, 'Wow, hopefully, it'll be here next week, when I have more disposable whatsis.'

But when Tuesday came around, and with it the idea to deal with the clothing mess yet again, I just broke down and went to buy it.  

And when I went back into the furniture room, the pricetag had been changed from $99.99 down to $74.99.

That's God assuring me that this was meant to be.

The IDENTICAL Drexel circa 1968 armoire is currently on eBay, (that's where the above pic of it came from) priced at over $1,100.


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