Tuesday, December 17, 2013

latest ashtrays

For your interest and edification:

The props master for Mad Men would be ALL OVER THIS, I think.

Not shoes.
The Payless Market one is not rendered in the style I prefer (the Miami one is), but the price was right.  The Payless Market was/is located in Fresno, California.

One of those famous Atlantic City restaurants from back in the day.  
Hopefully someday I'll have one for you from Zaberer's (a funny story comes with that)
and also one from Captain Starn's.

Once I was on of the pointless drives I used to do with friends.  We were in Chester County, and got the idea, 'Hey, let's go to Gettysburg!' while a) having no idea how to get there, and b) not having a map and c) GPS had not yet been invented.
We got as far as York before I gave up.

This one puzzles me.  
Once there was this teeny tiny Wolf Furniture store in my nabe - only slightly larger than your average water ice stand.  Then they moved to Rising Sun Ave, and bigger -- but not much bigger -- digs.  And now they're on Bustleton Ave. in a much larger - but still not huge -- store.  What's puzzling about that?  Well, there's this large-ish chain of furniture stores called Wolf (as you see above).  They're also based in PA, but apparently have no relation to the Wolf I'm familiar with.  

'Lee Agency' will be my punk name for this week.

Come for the skiing, stay for the smoking.

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