Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

I don't like having back-to-back Tuesday Songs of the Week. 

It makes it look like I'm not working hard enough for you, my audience.

This week, though, I'm giving myself a pass because my kitchen got a little renovation, and in order for the renovation to commence, practically all the kitchen ended up in my living room.

I realize this is a plane wreck, but it looks a great deal like my living room at the moment.
So my living room and, by extension, my life and business are a MESS, and therefore I have to pay more attention to that this week, especially since when tripping over a significant part of the chaos, I almost fell onto Lester.

He's just chilling atop my desk.  He's perfectly fine.
Anyhoo, you're getting not a song, but a hilarious (if you're from the City of Bothersome Love) riff on Christmas songs sung in the local accent.  

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