Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last week's finds

Some neat finds last week, including, but not limited to...

What I found Monday at Philly AIDS Thrift:

two large pieces of Gaston Y Daniela's AWESOME and oh so Fortuny / Venetian fabric, entitled Las Esfinges (i.e. The Sphinxes)

 Then this nifty 1970s novelty print of old-timey architecture and new-timey cartoon of
travelers checks window

And THREE Lefton bunny rabbits

And a nifty vintage T-shirt for the hip hipster type

Then on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday) I was at the Sal on Torresdale Avenue and got: 

History's widest vintage purse by Ingber

I got some other stuff, too.  A vegetarian cookbook (the hubs and I are all about that now), and one other thing which I don't remember.

Friday I went to the Sal up on Route 1, and got:

three old skinny ties

A very pretty shabby chic wooden tray

Ivy Spivington and Lester examining the very pretty shabby chic tray.

 And a cotton blouse with a print of beets AND little beet-shaped buttons.
This fits me and I might keep it.

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