Tuesday, December 24, 2013

new not new stuffs


this loverly and rather large wall pocket I got at Cedars 'Up Country flea market' back in the summer.
Eons ago, I used to sell at Cedars, but slowly the market was taken over by
people selling crafts and secondhand kids clothes, etc., so it wasn't worth it for me, but they still do have at least half the vendors selling antiques, so you should go some time. 

I don't remember where I got this, which is odd because it's soooo
beautifully done.  (And looks WAY better in person.)

I think I got this in a box lot at auction.  
It's pressed glass, but it's still very pretty, I think.

Got this carved coal tree trunk at the Philly Flea in October from a guy who had four tables of stuff FOR A DOLLAR.  I see him at auctions now and then.  He goes for primitive stuff (and often outbids me on it).  Between my hubs and I, we bought $15 worth of stuff on his table.  So far I've tripled that.
Which is nice.

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  1. I love that tree trunk.

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